Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesdays and Tacos

My little fashion big. Notice the bracelet and the sandals. She has started wearing her bracelets everyday and found her shoes this morning and was thrilled to put them on. She is quite the trend setter.

She was determined to wear my sunglasses while eating her breakfast. Yes, some people wear their sunglasses at night and then there is Emma.

Eating an empty taco shell for dinner. She usually loves a soft taco but refused to eat it last night and only wanted to eat the shell. Oh well, it's a vegetable when you get right down to it:)

Emma is scheduled for her tubes in the morning and I will be glad to get it behind us. The part I hate the most is her having to be taken away from us if only for a short time. I know she will be doped on Versed but I still can't stand the thought of her having to be away from us and maybe being afraid.
I am cutting it short again today because I have to study for ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) and I hate studying. I could never go back to school again. I have decided that I am basically satisfied with the little bit of knowledge that I have and what I can gain without having to study. Unfortunately for ER nurses, ACLS is required every 2 years and my due date is almost here.
I am very excited that we are starting the Beth Moore Esther series this week at church. I have never attended a Beth Moore study and I am looking forward to it. I have always heard such great things about them. If you are a local person and are interested in attending, leave me a comment.

Monday, March 30, 2009


Daddy and Emma were having a lot of fun posing for the pictures.

Every little girl should watch the Wiggles while wearing a silk dress, beret, and picking her nose.

I just think she is too cute in this dress that Aunt Pam gave her for Christmas. It was hilarious watching her try to crawl while wearing silk.

Okay, so this picture reminds me of the little ladies at the nursing home with their walkers, baskets, and purses.
Another busy weekend has come and gone. We had extra boys all weekend but they were all very well behaved so it wasn't a big deal. The boys are already really excited about next weekend because they are attending a youth outing with the church that involves a lock in (or lock down as Brady called it).
I had a very productive coupon week last week and today. Harris Teeter was offering triple coupons up to .99 and I took full advantage of it. Bo and I shopped last week and I saved $98.97 in coupons. Dede and I went today and I saved $36.43, so not too bad. I also had a very good savings at CVS today. I bought 2 cans of Scrubbing Bubbles, 2 tubes of Colgate Total toothpaste, 1 box of tummy medicine, and 2 boxes of trash bags and after coupons and ECB my total was .59 cents. My Best Deal yet. I didn't get as many ECB for my next use but it was still a good deal.
We also made a Target stop (which I try to stay away from), and saved I $9.40 in coupons there as well. I love Target and can spend a long time just looking around. On the other hand, Emma is not as fond of "just looking". She was getting a bit rowdy but overall was very good today while we shopped.
So enough of my boring life. I hope that everyone had a good weekend and maybe I will have more exciting things to write about soon.

Friday, March 27, 2009


Emma was pretty fond of wearing her pants on her head. Why would a woman put pants on her daughter's head? Anything for a few minutes of entertainment for the child.
We went to our speech evaluation today and now we just wait to get it scheduled. TEIS has been a great help but you have to play by their rules and waiting is part of the game.
Hope that everyone has a great weekend.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

6 Month Post Placement Visit - WE Survived

Well, no injuries were sustained today and the social worker visit was a success. She was so nice and Emma couldn't have been better. She was all smiles and performed several of her antics. I am so glad it's behind us!

Emma took 5-6 steps today by herself. She was so cute and so proud of herself. I think the walker has already helped to build her confidence. I really think she will be walking very soon. She has come so far in 6 months.

Well, I'm exhausted from trying to keep little bit out of harms way today so it's off to bed for me.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday - Ladies, Start Your Engines

Okay, so our girl thinks that she is at the Daytona 500. The physical therapist gave her a walker to use at home and she is loving it. She is speeding around the corners and if we can make it another 24 hours without her falling and hitting her head I will be so thankful. Obviously I don't want her to fall EVER but let's face it, if she falls again before the social worker makes her visit we are going to have a hard time explaining it.
I really liked the PT that came today. She was really good with Emma and was very thorough. She believes that Emma needs orthotics and I am in agreement. When Emma walks she turns her feet completely out and she is really putting a lot of stress on her ankles. The PT seems to think that our best bet is to try the orthotics and try to get her ankles in alignment. We are just waiting to get scheduled for a consult and I am really anxious to see how it goes.
Overall we had a good but busy day. I had to have a much needed hair cut and color this morning so my mom watched Emma. Bo had a day with his dad. Ashton is completely exhausted from AAU practice last night. Brady had jazz band practice this afternoon and the list just goes on and on.
Tomorrow is D-Day. Please say a prayer that we can keep speed demon safe and I can get the house is some order before our social worker gets here at 4 p.m. It's going to be a busy day!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday Madness

A Chinese version of Candace Parker. She is seriously loving basketball. When Ashton tried to take it away from her she growled at him.

Taking a break.

Just sitting outside enjoying the day.

Helping mom with the chicken casserole.
So another busy weekend behind us. Bo is off all this week and I'm sure he is thrilled with his honey do list. Today he went grocery shopping with me and Emma and I couldn't have made it without him. She is not enjoying grocery shopping anymore. The fascination with the whole adventure is no more. She did get to eat 2 free cookies and was a bit jacked up on them for a while. Between Publix and Kroger she enjoyed a sugar overload.
I did my Walgreens shopping yesterday and didn't have the greatest experience. I had a sweet cashier but she was obviously new and had a hard time with my coupons and register rewards. I actually went back today because after much deliberation I was sure that she had messed up and she had. They were really nice and gave me my money back but it was so confusing to them that I don't think I want to deal with them again.
I did get some good deals at CVS today. They had several decent ECB deals and I managed to get 2 packs of Motts applesauce, pita chips, 1 Right Guard Professional Strength deodorant, 2 Sure deodorants, 1 Wisk Laundry detergent, 2 cans Cream of Mushroom soup, 1 Neutrogena mascara and a double pack of Crest for $9.88. Not too bad.
Bo just listens to me while I go on and on about coupons and the best place to shop, etc. Not the most entertaining conversation but I know he really likes it when I save money.
So Miss Emma hasn't had a nap today. She is still going strong and I'm sure will turn into a bear very soon. It will certainly be an early bedtime tonight.
Tomorrow the Physical Therapist comes with our EI teacher and I'm anxious to hear what she has to say. Emma is getting so much stronger and is trying so hard to turn loose and walk. She just doesn't have the confidence to let go yet.
The other big project is to clean house. The social worker comes on Wednesday and I am so behind. We have decided that she saw the house clean once and surely that's enough.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Giving Me Some Attitude

As if having teenagers wasn't bad enough, I am now getting some attitude from my 2 year old. I am getting a glimpse of what people have meant by saying that girls are harder than boys. This girl has decided that she knows exactly how she wants things done and is insistent that it happen that way. Jump back little bit, you are not in charge!

  • I will wear the hot pink crocs and not my tennis shoes. WITH EVERYTHING (think pajamas)
  • I will wear the hair bow that I choose and not the one that matches.
  • I will put my feet on the table while I eat, with the hot pink crocs on.
  • I will stick my hand down the back of my diaper and keep it there while I eat and watch TV
  • I will wear my jacket all day in the house in the hopes that someone will take me outside.
  • I won't drink from your stupid cup.
  • I will turn my head and squint my eyes and pretend that I can't hear you when you attempt to reason with me.

These are just a few of the examples. There are more and I suspect there will be many, many more. This girl is head strong and determined.

So the battle rages on. Who is stronger? Yes, she has youth on her side. She know that I am old, but I am also determined.

So God doesn't put more on you than you are strong enough to take? I'm glad he thinks I'm strong. Between toddlers and teens, I ain't so sure.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Why Does Everyone Want to Look in My Ears

Well, it's official. Little E will be getting tubes on April 1. How's that for April Fool's Day? Poor girl, she is so tired of everyone wanting to look at her ears. Between the hands, feet, and ears, she has seriously had enough.

Dr. C was very intrigued with Emma and asked a lot of questions regarding her walking. He is hopeful that when she gets tubes that it might make things even better. Obviously it can't change her physical situation but perhaps it will help her balance some.

We left the doctor's office and being the American mom that I am, I bought her french fries to eat on the way home. I kept throwing them back to her because I was afraid to give her the whole thing. She will literally cram all of them in her mouth if she can. This girl loves her french fries.

She went to bed easier last night with Bo putting her to bed. She did well for nap today as well. She started the whole clinging thing and I was very firm with her. She squinted her little eyes and turned her head and of course it cracks me up every time. She is so funny and knows how to work those little eyes!

Well, it's off to get one boy and then back at 4 p.m. to get the other one.

Have a good evening. And for you Idol watchers, did the right person get voted off? I don't think so.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Please Don't Let Her See her Shadow

Major static issues going on while enjoying her ride.
Okay, so I am suffering from uncertainty about this whole mothering thing. Well, let's face it, who doesn't at some point?
The one constant with Emma has been her sleeping. She has always napped well and never had too many issues about sleeping at night. You lay her down, she grabs her favorite stuffed animal, monkey, and she goes to sleep. The stars are no longer in alignment because my girl ain't happy about sleeping anymore.
Yesterday she woke up from her nap and began crying very shortly afterwards. I hadn't gotten her out of bed immediately because I was in a haze from lack of sleep after working. She was okay after that and then when I tried to put her to bed last night she began screaming and held on to me with a death grip. I gave her a little more mommy time and rocked her and then tried to put her down and she did the same thing. We played a little game of I cover her up with the blanket and act surprised to find her underneath it (kids are so funny) and then she settled down and went to sleep. Alas, nap time today was a different story. She is no longer easily amused by the blanket trick. She held on to me again like there was no tomorrow and when I finally put her down she screamed and cried and attempted to climb out of the crib. I turned on her music and left her praying that I wouldn't hear her fall out of the crib. Please, not another repeat of last Wednesday! After about 10 minutes she finally went to sleep. So I ask you, WHAT's UP? She has always been great about sleeping and now this turn of events.
Is it a 2 year old thing? Is it because I worked several nights and I wasn't here and she thinks that she will wake up and I won't be here? Is it an adoption thing? I am hoping that it is short lived.
The other big thing is this child is scared of her shadow. Not literally, but you know what I mean. She has hated the dogs since day 1 and although she reached her hand out to Gypsy today, she quickly took it back. I was outside hanging clothes on the line and the towels were blowing in the breeze. She screamed and attempted to climb out of her wagon which she was strapped in to. It was crazy.
She is also startled easily. I think that may have something to do with her hearing and I am so anxious to have our ENT apt. tomorrow.
So, that's about it in nutshell. We are facing some new challenges and I am a bit concerned. When you have a child that is adopted you really question everything and how it might relate to the adoption. Does that ever stop?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just Hanging out With My Friend

Emma was hanging out watching her favorite show in the world, The Wiggles. I had given her her doll and I looked in and she had her arm around her. It was too sweet and I just had to share it.

Today has been a very long day after working last night and trying to stay awake and take care of her. I am beat and can't wait until Bo gets home and I can call it a day. I may be too old for this.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

Emma was actually tolerating Ashton for a moment. I thought she looked so sweet just looking at him.

Playing drums on mom's bowls.

Helping mom with her coupons.

More drumming with Brady and Alex.

Playing with Nanny. Yes, those are address stickers that they are wearing.

We had a good weekend. I worked Friday and Saturday night so that is a little hard on the boys and Bo. I have to work again tonight and will be glad to get that behind me.
Emma has been cracking us up with her new desire to always have on shoes and a hair bow. She has a ribbon that hangs on her door with all of her hair bows on it and she points to the one she wants. She is very adamant about which one she wants and I am having a hard time explaining that some of them just won't work in her hair yet. She is also determined which shoes she will wear and has been preferring her boots. I am seeing a whole new girly side to her. She is also tolerating the dogs being at the door while she looks out. We think that perhaps when she hit her head it triggered something in her:)
I am on to a new way of saving money. I am a major coupon clipper and love to get good deals. Who doesn't? I have been reading several blogs and began checking out the Walgreen's and CVS deals. You can really save some money if you have the time to check them out and use the coupons available. CVS has extra bucks that they offer when you use your Extra Care Card. If you check out the fliers and use your coupons you will end up getting things for free. You have to spend some money in the beginning, but if it's something that you need or can use it's great to get things so cheap or better yet, FREE. So yesterday, I bought 4 bottles of Dove shampoo that was on sale for $4.00 a bottle. If you spent $15 you got $5.00 in Extra Care Bucks, plus I had $4 in coupons, so I got the 4 bottles of shampoo for $7. They were also offering deal on Irish Spring body wash for $4.99 with $4.99 in ECB making it free. To make a long story short, I bought 4 bottles of Dove shampoo and conditioner, 2 boxes of Band aids, and a bottle of Body Wash and spent $8.70. Not too bad.
Walgreens also offers some good deals if you watch closely and also check out their monthly rebates and coupons that they offer. I bought 2 bottles of Listerine and a package of Reach dental floss which was on sale for 3 for $9. I had a $3 coupon off and then received $6 off in register rewards making them free. I also bought toothpaste for .24 cents, a Revlon nail clipper for .29 cents, a bottle of shampoo for .99 cents and a box of 40 Claritin for $9.99. I spent $45.74 and had $17.25 in coupons and $11.00 in register rewards making my entire purchase cost $21.95. I ended up spending a little more at Walgreen's, but I also bought a few other items.
If you really want to learn the art of this method of shopping, check out this blog and link to some of her posts that explain the CVS and Walgreen's shopping methods. There are several great coupon websites also that show you the best deals for the week and offer great coupons to print. I am really enjoying reading these blogs and seeing how much people can save.
Okay, so enough of my boring money saving information.
The boys headed back to school today and were ready to go back. We didn't exactly have a very exciting Spring Break aside from Emma's little escapade so I think they would rather be in school.
Have a great week.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Again

I'm just a little bit ticked this morning. Emma had a 9 a.m. appointment for a speech evaluation. I got up early and showered and then she woke up and I fed and bathed her and we were out the door by 8:15. Pretty good timing for an old woman and a toddler. As I get to the end of our street I have a voice mail that tells me they need to reschedule our appointment because the therapist is sick. Don't get me wrong, I understand that people get sick. What makes me so mad is that they didn't bother to call my home number and they called before 8 a.m. on my cell. I'm thinking that if I don't get someone on their cell that perhaps I should use the other contact number. So, we drive down the street and turn around and come home. Emma looked at me like I was a nut and she may be right. I'm waiting to hear back from the speech folks. I did leave them a message and asked them to please contact me at home first. HELLO. It's the little things that drive me crazy.

So our weekend isn't all that exciting. I am working tonight and tomorrow night, so Bo is Mr. Mom.

Emma appears to be fully recovered. She slept well last night and has been very active this morning. I'm hoping that she isn't as clingy today. I literally couldn't pull her off of my leg yesterday.

Well, pretty boring post. I hope that everyone has a great weekend.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Very Thankful Thursday

Well, Little Miss had a good night and has been a bit clingy this morning and actually fell again but was able to brace herself with her arms. It really scared her and she has been attached to my leg most of the day. She is currently enjoying a much needed nap.

I have spoken with the social worker and we have rescheduled for the 25th. We are making a trip to Walmart for a helmet, duct tape, and bubble wrap with hopes of keeping her injury free until she is at least 3 years old:)

The boys ended up having their friends over as previously arranged and when I checked on them at 2:30 a.m., they were still going strong. They are still sleeping.

Poor Bo was late for work. The alarm went off at 5 a.m. as usual and I am pretty sure that I told him it was time to get up, but then I fell back to sleep and when I woke up it was 6:30 and he was still snoozing. It has been a crazy 24 hours.

I just want to give kudos to the paramedics in our county that took us to the hospital. The one that was in the back was especially calm and helped me feel more calm. He was very good with Emma and I appreciated him so much. I don't think anyone really appreciates these guys until you need them. As a nurse I deal with them on a regular basis and on occasion we but heads, but when I was on the other side of the situation they were great.

Poor Emma keeps going to the door and saying "bye, bye" and wants to go outside so badly. Of course it was 75-80 degrees 2 days ago and now it's sleeting and cold. She doesn't understand why I won't take her outside.

Well, I am hoping for a much less eventful afternoon and I hope the same for you.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What a Wednesday

Well, if you want to make your 6 month post placement visit even more eventful and exciting, let your child fall, hit her head, lose consciousness, stop breathing, perform mouth to mouth, and take her by ambulance to the ER - all within 15 minutes of your appointment with the social worker. YES, that is how it all went down (literally).

Emma had the best day today. She is feeling so much better, very playful and happy today. She took a good nap and looked even more adorable than usual. I had the house clean, dinner almost ready so that I could go to work after the SW visit. Everything was clicking along nicely and then Emma fell. She was in the living room with Bo and he was about to take her upstairs and change her diaper. She was standing at the couch and evidently just slipped and fell, hitting the hard wood. I heard the fall and came to check on her and she was in Bo's arms and not making a sound. We thought she was in the middle of a horrible crying spell and hadn't taken a breath yet when I realized she wasn't breathing at all. Her arms stiffened and she was lifeless. Let me just say, I have never felt more helpless in my life. I have reassured a lot of parents after their child had an injury, but this was an entirely different ballgame. I laid her down and tried to wake her, but she was completely out. I didn't feel her breathing and I began mouth to mouth and after 4-5 breaths, she took a breath and began to cry. During all of that, Bo called 911. After she woke up and began to cry she immediately started to fall asleep and her color was so pale. We decided to take her straight to the hospital, but then decided to take her to the local EMS station and go by ambulance and I am so glad that we did. She had one episode of vomiting and then was just listless all the way to the hospital with a few episodes of crying. When she got to the hospital, she began to come around and start acting normal and the doctors and nurses just monitored her for about 2 1/2 hours. She seems fine now and I will watch her closely tonight. Bo and I are slowly becoming more calm and our blood pressure is no longer in the stroke range.

I have to comment on my boys during all of this. Brady was watching the whole thing and actually dialed 911 for us. I think it scared him to death and seeing his mother fall apart didn't help things. I am usually pretty together, but this was completely different. Ashton had no clue anything was going on. He was holed up in the man cave and then just appeared as we were rushing out of the house. He was very concerned as well and they have been so sweet with her since she came home.

So, our social worker came and my mother was here to talk to her. I talked with her on the phone and gave her the story and she was so sweet and said she would be praying for us. I hope to get our visit rescheduled real soon, before the house gets dirty again:)

So, how was your day?

I am hoping that I never experience that again. I know that Emma was only out for a short time, according to Bo. However, it seemed like a lifetime to me and I kept thinking please God let her be okay. I don't ever want to feel so helpless again. I am more thankful tonight than I have been in a long time. We take so many things for granted and with one little accident, it can all change.

Well, I am off to bed and ready for it. I am exhausted and plan on getting up every few hours to check on little miss.

Thanks for everyone who prayed for our family tonight. We are so thankful for friends and family and above all for our Heavenly Father who is always watching over us.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday - So Much for a Clever Title

Emma got a new wagon with some of her birthday money and she is loving it. It's also very nice that she has 4 mules to pull her on command.
Tomorrow is our 6 month post placement visit and I am so ready for it to be over with. I know that we will do fine but I am putting a lot of pressure on myself and in turn, the rest of the family.
The boys have gone fishing with Pop today and I am sure having a great time. They didn't even complain too much when they had to get up early.

Well, not too much excitement on the home front and I need to get some work done.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


So Saturday was spent outside with gardening and yard work and playing.
Brady's target deer (whatever they are called) has been outside all winter and he finally put it away yesterday. I just thought it was a funny picture.

Swinging with my brother.

Molly was just keeping a close watch on everybody.

Emma is learning to like the slide, but she is still a bit uncertain.

Emma is keeping a close eye on the dogs. She doesn't want a sneak attack to happen.

Look at my precious boy working! He didn't even complain too much while he got the leaves off the pool cover.

Road Hog.

My absolute favorite flower is the daffodil or what we call a buttercup. When I got up yesterday morning after a very short 2-3 hour nap I had a bouquet of them on the counter with a sweet note from my Ashton. Brady accused him of just trying to get out of work and let me assure you, Brady would know.

Friday, March 6, 2009


Well, little miss had a better night last night and slept well, but man has she been a grump this morning. As long as I am within 1-2 inches of her she is okay but if I have to step away for some reason (like use the bathroom, breath my own air, get a drink - nothing vital) she goes crazy and expresses her anger very well.

Brady's school was on the Cool Schools this morning and I had to set the alarm for 3:20 a.m. Of course it's the first Friday that Bo has worked this year I think but he was a good sport and got Brady up and took him to school before 4 a.m. I watched all of the coverage and I don't think they gave very much attention to the band therefore Brady didn't get to make his television debut. Maybe next time.

Another busy weekend ahead but it sounds like the weather tomorrow is going to be absolutely perfect. I am hoping that we can get some yard work done and that I can get some things accomplished inside as well. Maybe a quick nap in the morning after work and I will be so refreshed that things will just come together! I'm pretty anxious about the post placement visit next week and I'm sure there is no reason to be.

Have a great weekend. Our spring break starts after dismissal today and I know that my boys are going to be wild.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Quick Follow up on Little Miss

Emma was enjoying watching Ashton play basketball yesterday afternoon. She just looks like she feels miserable!

Little Miss had her apt. with Dr. H and no big shocker, her ears still have fluid. Luckily there is no infection at the present time and we are seeing an ENT on March 19. Hopefully he can offer some fluid relief. She is still feeling horrible with a nose that resembles a faucet, but at least her lungs were clear. So we just endure this cold and hope that her ears don't get infected.

I made the mistake of attempting to make a quick grocery run while I was out. I really like Publix and we don't have one near by. There just happens to be one right next to her doctor's office, so I attempted to run in. Needless to say, carrying a 26 pound, generally unhappy child around the store wasn't exactly my idea of a good time, nor hers. We managed to get a few things on the list!

Oh What A Night (and it Ain't Late December 63)

It's a good thing that I have been blessed with an excess in my rear end department because from 1:11 a.m. to 5:05 a.m. I sat on it with a little girl who has so much nasal congestion that she can't breath and held her upright. My bottom actually felt numb when I finally got out of bed this morning. Poor little baby girl, she is so miserable and I have done all the things that I know to do for her. We propped up her crib, I have suctioned her until it's like fighting a tiger and let me tell you this little tiger is strong! So I just held her all night and listened to her and Bo try to out snore one another. Bo was a great help when I needed him to get something, but I tried not to bother him since he has to get up for work so early.

I finally managed to transfer her back to her bed this morning and made it downstairs to pour out the last little scoop of coffee that we have in the house and make the coffee and grab a shower before Bo leaves. I am a walking zombie. The one pick me up that I look forward to every morning is BIG MAMA. She cracks me up and I just love reading her stories. So, if you have been up all night with a snotty baby or if your butt is numb, perhaps you will enjoy reading her blog.

Have a good day.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

This Porch Ain't Big Enough for the 2 of Us

All Ernesto the rooster wants to do is be left alone. He just wants to stay on the porch and nap quietly. Suddenly it turns into a standoff between him and Gypsy the basset hound and she turns on him. He did remain the champion of the porch standoff but I think it was because I was watching and Gypsy didn't want to be shipped off the farm for killing the last of chicken we have.
Guess What All I Have Done Today? What you ask? I have Moved like an Emu, Danced the Ooby Doo, Attended Marie's Wedding, Had Fun on the Farm, Visited Caveland and did the La Cucaracha. For those of you unfamiliar with these events, it involves 4 men named Greg, Murray, Jeff, and Anthony and several of their friends. Yes, The Wiggles are in the HOUSE. They have become Emma's favorite new show and we only have one VHS tape of them and we watch it numerous times a day. Needless to say, I have been checking out eBay for a good deal on some Wiggles DVDs.
Emma is still so miserable. I am sure she has sneezed 75 times today and her cough is about the same. She had a horrible choking episode this morning that scared her and she just cried so pitifully. She does pretty well with the whole nose wiping thing. That is a good thing considering how many times we have done that today. She also had a horrible coughing spell after she laid down for her nap and upon my rescue she proceeded to throw up all over me and her. How good that I had just gotten OUT of the shower. I am so glad that we have a doctor's apt. tomorrow but I suspect he will say that it's viral and not a lot that he can do for it. Nothing like the good old days when you got a shot every time you went to the doctor. I'm pretty sure that is why I have the needle phobia that I have. I can vividly recall those moments of torture! Who knew I turn out to inflict the same torture on others.
Well, the boys will be home soon and I have a million things to do. I have absolutely got to make a grocery run. I know that little miss isn't up to it and I hate to think of going at night, but considering that I have enough coffee for one more pot and no facial cleanser, times are getting hard at our house. Not to mention the fact there is only 1 roll of toilet paper in the house! Oh my.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


My girl isn't feeling well and that translates into my girl requires constant holding and attention. She was pretty sad yesterday as she sat outside my shower while I attempted to shower as quickly as possible while listening to her cry and stick her head under the curtain. Today has not been a lot better and I decided the best time to attempt a shower would be during her nap. She has a nasty cough and started with a runny nose today. Her appetite continues to be good and once again she is completely refusing a cup. We have a follow up apt. with Dr. H on Thursday to recheck her ears and I'm guessing they won't be clear. I am ready for him to just say "tubes" and let's get the show on the road. I know her hearing isn't as good as it should be and who knows how many untreated ear infections she has had in her short lifetime.

Teenagers. Need I say more. While Brady sat at the counter yesterday morning and slowly ate his breakfast (He has one speed - tortoise), I was making some general conversation and he suddenly remembered that he has a band concert tonight. Oh, yeah, I think I might need some black pants and a black shirt. Nothing like short notice. Well of course since I have nothing else to do we had to add that little shopping trip on to our agenda yesterday afternoon. Fortunately Ashton had an Orthodontic apt. and we made a quick trip to the mall and luckily were able to find what he needed. I hope they fit him because I never actually saw him in them. He told me they fit so it's any body's guess if they really do or not. Luckily my mother watched Emma so she didn't have to endure this trip.

Ashton had a band competition today and I am hoping that they did well. I didn't get to attend and I am sure that really broke his heart. What, mom can't ride on the bus with me? Oh my life is over.

Well, I must take full advantage of little miss napping and take a much needed shower and hopefully get something accomplished around here. Our 6 month post placement visit is next week and I am not doing real well in finishing the paperwork and getting our home in some semblance of order.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

6 Months Later

It's hard to believe that 6 months ago Emma was placed in our arms. A tiny little sick girl who was so expressionless. I can say that it was one of the hardest days of my life. 6 months later she is not the same little girl. She still has a long way to go but oh how far she has come.

Melissa and I went to a consignment sale yesterday and Emma is now the proud owner of a princess makeup mirrow and a tea set. She was very happy with her new found treats.