Monday, July 25, 2011

What We've Been Up To

Well, to pick up where we left off......Emma did go to the doctor and didn't wear her soccer uniform. However, she kicked and screamed like she was playing soccer when the doctor attempted to examine her ears. Poor kid. She is TERRIFIED of an otoscope and considering that our new ENT looked like he might weigh 115 pounds soaking wet, I was afraid she might actually hurt him.

Everyone lived and since then she has had a sedated CT scan of her head to examine her temporal bones and attempt to determine if her hearing loss will worsen or if it is what it is. She also had several genetic tests taken after she was sedated but it will be a few months before we get all the results back.

She was scheduled for a sedated CT because, well, she is a terror and there was no way she would cooperate for the test. When we arrived for the test, the nurse was quick to point out that the CT itself only took 30 seconds and if I could convince her to be still we could avoid the sedation. Then she tried to weigh her and get her blood pressure. The tables turned quickly and she understood why Emma required sedation. I think the nurses would have liked to have been sedated after attempting to start her IV and take her vital signs.

Last week Brady went for his Senior pictures. HELLO! That was a bittersweet moment for me. Oh yes, I will be thrilled for him to graduate but it's so hard to believe that he has grown up so fast.

Brady and I were talking about college and starting to pick up some things along the way that he will need next year when he leaves home when he said to me, "I'm not sure if I am going to live in the dorm or get an apartment." After I stopped laughing, I explained that he didn't have any decision to make, he would most certainly be living in the dorm his first year. I think he got the picture.

Ashton has been busy with AAU and I am hoping that we are finished. There is one more tournament but we are not planning on going because, well, it's an 8 hour drive. I'm all about him playing ball, but 8 hours is a bit much. So I am very hopeful that our AAU season is coming to an end. Just in time for school to start back!

I went upstairs to check on Emma at naptime and found her sleeping with her hat on and her hammer by her side. You never know when there might be trouble during naptime.
These pictures were taken on July 4 in front of the creek that runs in front of the house that my mother grew up in.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Oh My, It's One of Those Days

As I type this post my daughter is dressed in her soccer uniform, complete with shin guards. Why? Because she is convinced that she is about to go play soccer and not go to the DOCTOR! Her speech delay involves expressive speech, not receptive! She completely understands that she is going to the doctor but refuses to believe it. I simply don't care if she wears her soccer uniform to the doctor's office today.

Today I have had to rescue her from falling when she stood up in a chair to reach behind her computer to get something and the chair slid back and she went down. Luckily I was there to prevent her from breaking her neck. I thought she had learned her lesson but I was wrong. I then found her pulling up a chair in her room and stacking a stool on top of it to get her backpack down out of the closet. Can you say accident waiting to happen?

I then found her downstairs with a mouth so full of butter that it reminded me of some old person with chewing tobacco in their mouth. She had once again gotten the butter out of the refrigerator and has eaten another portion of the bowl. We had a nice discussion about time out and what was about to happen. I'm sure that I made a lasting impression on her......

So today is one of those days that if I were attacked by wild dogs or a crazed monkey, I might stand a chance of survival, but attempting to reason with a 4 year old is about to kill me. I might not survive this child! I don't remember the boys ever getting in to this much stuff but I have probably blocked that from my memory. I'm convinced that is why people have more forget what the first ones did.

We are off to the doctor....or soccer....or to find me a cow and churn so that I can keep this girl in her supply of butter.

Monday, July 11, 2011

This Girl of Ours

So apparently wearing your chef's hat and apron, carrying a fly swatter (unused), and sitting in a laundry basket can bring you loads of fun.

I may have to try this myself.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What We've Been Up To

After enjoying a week of vacation, we came home to a whirlwind of work, family reunion, and ball practice. Feels like we never left home.....

Our beach trip was very nice this year. We didn't have WiFi in our condo and that was fine with me. No computer or XBox for a week. We were practically the Ingalls family.

The weather was great while we were gone. It rained one day and we spent that day shopping. We managed to catch a movie while we were gone. Bo and I took Emma to see Cars waste of time. The boys saw Transformers 3 and loved it. Emma would have to I'm sure. The girl is all about weapons.

Emma has been completely off schedule and her eating habits have been way off as well. She has not eaten much at all lately. She did like tartar sauce and managed to eat a small bowl of it while were out one night. She also loves butter. Bo hates it, but I give her a spoon of butter on occasion. Last night was one of those occasions. She was so happy. While I let her watch a movie and I collapsed on the couch after working all night, she kept coming in and smiling at me. She had butter smeared around her mouth and just looked adorable. After the third time it hit me that I had only given her a small spoon full of butter and she was up to something.

I found the butter bowl half empty and little pinky marks all through it. She had butter all over her face, hands, and in her hair. She had gotten the bowl out of the refrigerator and just had a feast. Note to self...butter has to go on the highest shelf.

Here are a few more pictures of our week away.

Brady's mug shot.
Waiting on our crab claws, oysters, and clam strips. This boy can lay away some clam strips!

Silly momma and Emma pictures.

Such serious faces.

Okay, he is just plain handsome.

This one is too. Amazing that they look nothing alike.

Emma made a friend who just happened to have a fish in his bucket. The little boy kept putting a plastic spoon down in the water and then putting it in his mouth. Needless to say his mother was going crazy.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Just a Few More Beach Pics

Brady and Emma writing in the sand.
Okay, she is just plain cute.

My little beach bunny.

My handsome boys. They were having way to much fun getting their pictures taken.


I love this picture of my goofy boys.

I love this one too.

It's just like those pictures of the movie stars in US Magazine emerging from the water with their 6 pack abs.

You can't catch me daddy!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sun,Surf, Seafood, and Sanity...

Just a quick post to say that we have not fallen off the side of the world.

We just took a few days to get away and enjoy some beach time. For anyone who has followed along over the last few years, you may recall that Emma HATED the beach 2 years ago.

Fear Not.

She loves it and I think that I have a beach bum on my hands. That is my kind of girl.

Striking her crane pose.

I will post more pictures when I have time. We drove home yesterday and then I headed straight to work and experienced 12 hours of wondering why I ever came home:)

Nothing says fun like working in an Emergency Department on a holiday weekend.