Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Beauty Doesn't Come Easy Sometimes

Every mother of a little girl dreams about spending quality "beauty time" with them. Emma loves to put on her makeup while I am and she looks so sweet pretending to put on her eyeshadow and is obviously fascinated that mommy can play in all that stuff and not get in trouble.

As a mother of a little girl with only 3 toes and 2 fingers the thought has crossed my mind several times about some of the things she will miss out on. A wedding ring for example. She doesn't have a ring finger and I have wondered will she wear it on her pinkie or perhaps just wear some type of lovely necklace. Who knows? Flip flops. This girl loves flip flops but let's face it, when you only have 1 toe on a foot it's hard to pull off the flip flop look.

Pedicures and manicures. Every mother daughter team should have the fun of having pedicures and manicures together. Well, Emma FINALLY showed some interest in nail polish yesterday. Now I'm not a big polish girl myself and never paint my fingernails. I'm a bit OCD when it comes to chipped nail polish. I can't stand it and so it's not worth my time or money to worry with my fingernails. I do however like to have a pedicure on occasion. Occasion being the beginning of summer. So yesterday while I was getting ready Emma found the nail polish and handed it to me and put her adorable little foot up for me to paint her nails. Oh how sweet it looked. I sat her down on the toilet and painted her 3 sweet little nails with great pride. This is a big moment for a little girl who only weeks ago freaked out if something was on her nails at all. The cutest thing was when she folded herself completely over and helped me blow her nails dry. Might I just say that it was a proud moment for this momma and I had a tear in my eye. So check out my girl's nails and yes I know her big toe needs a little work still.

HOWEVER, the moment soon ended when momma accidentally knocked the bottle of polish off the counter and onto the tile floor (new tile floor) and let me just say, there ain't no give when it comes to tile. The hot pink polish was everywhere!! What a mess.

Being the quick responder that I am, I did manage to clean some of it up with a towel and then I used the non acetone nail polish remover to get some more off the floor. Bo finally finished cleaning up the mess last night after I showed him his daughter's cute little toes first. I knew when he saw them that it would change the entire scenario. That and the fact that he was high on the fumes from the polish remover.
Yes, beauty does come with a price sometimes.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day - The Day After

Emma and Daddy went to Walmart on Saturday morning and Emma came home sporting a new flute. She is enjoying it thoroughly. I might also add she has great talent.

Happy Father's Day to Pap.

Daddy only wanted a nap for Father's Day. He did manage to pull one off, but I suspect it wasn't as long as he had hoped.

Doritos can leave a real mess on a girl's hands. She seems to tolerate it well considering they are here favorite food.

Playing her flute before church.

Another whirlwind week behind us and again I didn't blog very faithfully. What can I say?
Emma survived her first O.T. appointment on Wednesday. It was not for the faint of heart. As I have mentioned before, our speech therapist is the sweetest, most pleasant grandmotherly type lady and we love her. Emma is used to almost getting her way with Miss Jane. However, O.T. was not the same story. Our O.T. is all business. I like her and I think that I will like her way of doing things in time, but the first day was difficult. She immediately put Emma in her chair with a tray over it and began the feeding process. Emma hates to be strapped in and did put up a little fight. The best was yet to come....We worked on various utensils that Emma was able to use and on using her cup and then she began to tire of this little game. She began reaching for me and screaming. After a little while Miss Linda asked me if I was okay and if not she would take a break, but I was fine. I know how Emma can be. Then she decided that she would let Emma out of the seat and give her a break and that she didn't want her to come to me but to sit with her. That's hard because I have had to work on Emma coming to me when she is upset and not reaching for strangers. She did okay staying with Miss Linda for a while but then she wanted momma. She was screaming and reaching for me and they decided to take a walk to the play room area. I literally could see Emma's nose flaring she was so upset. She did calm down when she reached the play room because they had a Radio Flyer tricycle and she loves them. She has played on one at Walmart before and left screaming for it.
Well, she calmed down and finished her lunch and I think she liked Miss Linda a little more after that. We get to repeat that fun again on Wednesday. Miss Linda said it will probably be a repeat but once Emma realizes her boundaries it will get better.
So I'm left wondering which method of therapy is best. I think perhaps a mixture of the two would be the best choice. Emma is VERY strong willed and I suspect that will only get worse. She became upset with me yesterday afternoon and hit me in the nose. She spent a couple of minutes in time out and learned the word SORRY after that little incident.
The weekend was nice. The boys each had friends over Friday night and Saturday morning. We managed to get them back to their own families and went to dinner with Bo's family for Father's Day. Emma began her usual fit when she had to sit in a high chair but I remained strong and she remained in the chair. She wants to get up and move around and I am determined that she isn't. After dinner the boys begged to go to Summer Fest to see their friends and "hang out". We caved and took them. (It's a carnival/festival to kick off summer.) We basically kicked them out of the car because the traffic was so bad and let them walk down to the area. As they were walking off Bo said "our boys are growing up". It kills me. They had a good time and we hung out for a couple of ours doing some errands and getting an ice cream from one of the local restaurants. Emma loves ice cream and enjoyed getting out of her car seat and playing in the back seat and hanging her head out of the window while we waited on the boys. There were fireworks at 9:00 and she was terrified when they began. After a few minutes of watching them while clinging to my neck, she decided they were okay and her face was adorable as she watched them. She was amazed.
Yesterday was spent at church and getting Ashton off to church camp...again.
Bo has worked diligently on our swimming pool since the end of May. It has looked like a swamp and been a source of friction in our house. Bo wants to fill it with catfish and I would prefer we actually get to swim in it. After working all weekend and into the night Saturday night, the pool was clear yesterday. Not as clear as it should be, but clear enough for teenagers to swim in it. Brady had friends over last night for a camp out (tent next to the house) and they enjoyed the rewards of Bo's hard labor. He also had to put up their tent. I say "their tent" because the kids brought it with them. Bo is a fine handy man. He is smart and very capable. This tent kicked his rear. He worked on it for hours and wasn't able to figure it out. Brady, ever the smart child, asked if we had a tent. Why yes son, we actually have 2 of them. Bo goes to the barn, gets one of our tents, puts it up in 15 minutes and I'm sure wonders why he didn't think of that sooner.
So the night has been spent with kids in and out of the house, swimming, playing basketball, eating, hanging out by the fire making smores, and consuming enough Cherry Doctor Pepper and Mountain Dews that if these kids don't have kidney stones I will be surprised. I have been awake since 2:30 when they were in the house making Ramen Noodles and Hot Pockets. Oh the life of teenagers.
So that about wraps up the last few days of my life. Have a great week!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What's Up and Goodbye Old Friend

Emma enjoyed talking to Nanny on the phone Monday. It was hilarious. She "talked" constantly and made the cutest faces. My mother was amazed at all the jabbering.

We played outside on Saturday afternoon with her new sprinkler ball. She was not that impressed. She didn't really like the water as much as I had hoped and the puppy was her constant companion which made it even worse. She did like looking at her shadow however.

Sophie, aka the Beast that chews up EVERYTHING.

Playing with Ashton on his mattress. Ashton, who no longer sleeps in the man cave because he has seen a few spiders, was dragging his mattress up and down the steps and letting Emma lay on it with him. They had so much fun together until she fell off and hit her head. She wasn't as impressed after that.

While playing with her beans/macaroni she poured it on the floor and looked at me so innocently and said "Ugh oh". Yeah right.

Reading a story with daddy.
Notice the feet propped up while she is being read to. Nothing like living in the lap of luxury.

So when I got an e-mail from my friend Maria this morning asking if I had died I decided that it had been a while since I had blogged. Sorry. I have been covered up. Literally. Emma is having one of those moments when her life is good as long as I am her constant companion. She has been hanging on to me for dear life and in all honesty I have not felt like blogging while she is attached to my leg. I have also had several appointments, etc. and have just ran out of time at the end of day. Not to mention I have run out of energy as well.....
Yesterday was spent taking the boys to the Dermatologist. Oh the joys of the teen years. My biggest mistake was allowing them to be in the same room to be seen. Oh the looks and the giggles. When you say the word puberty in front of a 13 year old it evidently is the funniest word known to man. Say the word period and you get a bigger response. The nurse couldn't stop laughing at them which was like pouring gas on a fire. They could be stand up comedians. I didn't think it was that funny but of course I'm boring old mom. The fun stopped when Ashton found out he was about to have blood drawn. That was when I got to laugh.
Ashton has been in ball camp all week and finishes up tomorrow. He plans on going back to church camp next week. Brady has been lounging around and hanging out with his friends. Oh the life.
Emma starts O.T. today. The bad part of that is that it is scheduled after P.T. and is on the other side of town. It's during her nap time as well, so I'm afraid that might not go so well. I guess we shall see. Another day spent on the road!
Well, Ernesto (our rooster) appears to missing. We have not seen him in a few days and I suspect he is dead or made a delicious meal for a coyote. Poor guy. He was our sole survivor and now he's gone. I'm going to miss him staring at me while I work in my office. He really had become part of the family and was very good at being our guard rooster. I've had several people tell me how afraid they were to get out of their cars when he was around.
Well, my little angel is stirring and will soon be yelling at me so I guess I should finish. Sorry that I have not kept my 3-4 readers updated and I promise that I will try to do better.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

What a Difference A Year Can Make

A year ago today the call came that we had been waiting on. IT'S A GIRL!

The range of emotions on that day were all over the place. I was excited, scared, overwhelmed, but above all, thankful. I didn't realize how thankful at the time, but after having our daughter home with us for the last 9 months, I do. Everyday she continues to amaze us, amuse us, frustrate us (hey, she's 2), and fill us with pride.

I had no idea when that call came just what was in store for our family of 4. I remember so vividly getting the call after I had worked all night and was attempting to sleep so I could go back to work. When the call came and they gave me the information and told me she was missing digits on all 4 extremities, I was a bit concerned. Who wouldn't be? But above all, I remember asking God to fill me with peace and help me to KNOW His will for our family and her life before I ever saw her face on the computer screen. So I came down the steps and waited on the picture to come and the minute that I saw it, I knew she was the one. Did I have a few doubts along the way, yes. But in my heart I knew I was looking into the face of my daughter for the first time. It's a feeling that is hard to put into words. I knew all of this before I had even had the chance to talk with Bo. It was a CRAZY day.

So a year has passed and we have traveled around the world and and back to bring our little girl home. Everyday is an adventure just like with any child. But when I came home from work this morning I heard her laughing upstairs while she was in bed with Bo. I went up to check on them and she reached for me and then we played for a while and she continued to laugh. Her laugh is adorable and as I watched her and listened to her I knew that a year ago she had very little to laugh about. I have seen the pictures of her in her crib and there is no emotion on that little face. She had no idea that a family in Tennessee was about to become hers and that her life and ours would NEVER be the same.

GOD is good all the time. So if you are waiting on that call, just know that it will come and you will experience joy like you have never known. Our girl was worth the wait and yours will be also.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Weird Kind of Day

Ever have one of those days?

Today has been a strange day. Ashton had ball camp and Emma had her regular EI visit so Pop took Asthon to camp for me. I had to pick him up at noon and was doing well until I accidentally ran off the road. In my driveway. I admit it, I was not paying attention. I was looking at my mail and suddenly there were leaves at my window. Poor Emma had a look of terror on her face. I stopped the car and got her out, attempted to call Brady who of course wasn't paying attention. I then hauled myself and my 30 pound daughter up my massive drive to get Brady. He and his buddy Corey walked back down the driveway and watched Emma while I attempted to get my SUV out of the ravine. Might I add, to no avail. All the while, Ashton is waiting for me to pick him up 30 minutes away. After making another failed attempt, I called my neighbor. Not home. I called our friend Brian who was tied up but would have come if no other options were available. I then called my brother who was working nearby and he saved the day. He was able to get the car out of the ravine and then I was on the road again. Only 45 minutes late but Ashton is easily swayed with a Venti Mocha Frappuchino (sp).

Okay, so all is well and we return home. Brady heads off with Corey to swim. I manage to get a few things done and I begin dinner prep I am concerned that the pork chops I had laid out of the freezer earlier today smell funny. No not funny, disgusting. Scratch dinner plans and toss meat in trash. I mention this to Ashton who gives me a look. A look that says he knows something about why the pork chops smell like road kill. "I might know why they smell bad mom." REALLY. "I left them sitting on top of the freezer while I was putting away the canned stuff and then I found them later (as in a few days I'm thinking) when I smelled something. I just put them back in the freezer and thought it would be okay." A lesson in the making. I instructed my precious offspring that if you inadvertently leave meat out for several hours or days or perhaps a week.....then don't put it in the freezer and pretend it's okay. That $8 package of pork could have cost us much more. An ER visit, a severe case of food poisoning, a funeral, or a night of pure misery laying in the bathroom floor begging GOD to let me die.

So you see, it was a weird day. There's always tomorrow.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

What a busy weekend! I worked on Friday night and managed to get a few hours of sleep on Saturday before heading out to a surprise birthday party for my Uncle who turned 80. Let me just say, he was surprised! It was a lot of fun and we got to see family that we have not seen in years.

Sunday was spent at church and having lunch with Bo's family to celebrate Giggee's birthday. We headed back home and then had our first small group meeting on Sunday night. It was great and I think that we are really going to enjoy the small group meetings.

Today was spent taking Ashton to ball camp and just wasting 3 hours while he was at camp. Mother kept Emma and it was so nice to have time to shop without my little helper. Amazing how much more relaxing it is when you aren't trying to pacify a toddler! She enjoyed visiting with my mother and my aunt. The child is hopelessly spoiled:)

This is the cutest picture! My cousin Mike and Emma is just resting on his head.
The birthday boy and his sister. My Aunt Sissy and Uncle James. That's his real name, but we have always called him Uncle Tug. Come to think of it, I have no idea why.....

Some of my rotten "boy" cousins and my brother.

Uncle Roger and Aunt Mary Frank. She is a faithful blog follower and couldn't wait to see Emma.

All of my aunts and uncles.

Making faces with Mike.

I have to give Bo the credit for this picture. This is Alexis and Snowball. Is he enormous or what?
Uncle Johnny trying to convince Emma that a donkey won't eat her.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Welcome Home

Welcome Home Guys. Now the fun begins! This is only a portion of the laundry.

Friday - Someone Needs a Happy Pill

You know when you get the rare opportunity to go to dinner with your husband and you just want to enjoy each other's company and suddenly you hear a screaming child that is throwing a tantrum of great proportion and you think "someone needs to beat that child" and suddenly you realize that child is yours. That describes our evening out last night. Bo and I took advantage of our last night without the boys to have dinner. It's amazing how much cheaper you can eat when you don't have 2 growing boys with you. We did have Emma with us and it was all fun and games until she got really mad about something, we aren't sure what set her off and pounded her little hand on the table and gave us a look that kills and began screaming. That went on for approximately eternity and then when the waitress offered her Teddy Grahams and actually picked up the fork and fed her a bite of her food, it was over. I think it started when she got ketchup on her finger and Bo attempted to wipe it off. Who Knew?

So if you were in the restaurant last night and saw an adorable Asian little girl having a tantrum and thought to yourself "those parents should beat the child", just know that we thought the same thing. No beating actually took place, it was only in my mind:)

Emma also decided that 5:30 was a good time to wake up this morning and may I add that she has been a BEAR all morning. I am waiting on my campers to get home any minute and then little Miss and I are taking a nap.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Well our week is about over. The boys will be back tomorrow and I will be glad to see them. It has been very QUIET here this week. I am not saying I have not enjoyed that.... Emma has kept me very busy however.

Not much headway with the cup. This child is insistent that she will only drink from the bottle. The difference this time and when we made the attempt in April is that I'm not stressing so much. It will come and what's the point in me having a stroke over it.

Emma has decided that she needs to unwind before nap time this week. The child will be exhausted, with her little head falling over and then I put her in the crib and she plays for over an hour or more. What is the deal!

She said "Bible" today while we were singing and she is saying her version of "Uh Oh" more. It's so cute. Her "oh" comes out "who".

Bo and I have not managed to go on a date this week which is disappointing. We have been busy every evening. We did manage to watch Taken last night which was great. Very on the edge of your seat drama!

Well, that's about sums it up. Major excitement at our house! I would like to wish my mother-in-law a Happy Birthday today. She is once again the oldest grandmother (a running joke between my mom and her). Happy Birthday Giggee. We love you.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Silly Girl

Okay, so these are out of order. The first picture is Emma just before she throws her cup on the floor and lets me know just how she feels about drinking from a cup.

Not interested.

This is disgusting.

Okay mom. I'll try it but I ain't liking it.

During lunch yesterday Emma was really being silly. I was able to capture some of that silliness. She loves to "give me the eye". Isn't' she adorable? Well yes, I am a little partial.

Remember Arnold "What you talkin about Willis?" I think that is the look she is giving.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Fashions From the House of McGowan

I have a few outfits to offer if anyone is interested. All of them are new with tags and from Gymboree. My tall girl just can't wear them.

Gymboree, size 18-24 months. $$20 plus $3.00 for shipping.

This dress is lavender with navy ribbon and detail. Completely adorable. 18-24 months. $20 plus $3.00 shipping

Just in time for July 4! The shorts are 18-24 months and the shirt is 12-18 months. $15.00 plus $3.00 shipping.
If you are interested in any of these outfits please leave me a comment. I will be putting them on e-bay soon if no one is interested.

It's Been A Few Days....

During Speech a couple of weeks ago our therapist Mrs. Jane had the neatest thing to play with and Emma loved it. It was a plastic container filled with dry beans and macaroni noodles. Simple. She played with it and loved filling her cups and bowls. I stole the idea and made her a bean/macaroni container at home and she seems to really enjoy playing with it. It's great for those little guys with texture/sensory issues and so far Emma is loving the feel of the beans and macaroni. This is a major step ahead for a little girl who doesn't like things on her hands. I did manage to catch her right before she decided to eat one of the beans.

It has been a very busy few days. I worked Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights and attempted to sleep during the day. No matter how many years I work nights I don't think I will ever master sleeping well during the day. It's just not normal. So during all those hours away from home Bo had to be Mr. Mom and keep everything together. I think he may have been ready to go back to work today. Overall he gets a B+. He did a good job.
The boys left for camp yesterday:) They come back home on Friday. When I went through Ashton's bag I realized that he had packed for approximately 2 weeks. The funny thing is that if tradition holds true he won't even bathe more than once while he is there. I didn't even bother to look in Brady's bag. I was too afraid.
Well, it's that time again. I am attempting to get Emma off the bottle again. I am only going to let her have water in the bottle and offer milk in her cup. I am not expecting great results but we will see.
Emma is attempting to say more words. Her newest thing is "uh oh" when she drops something. It sounds nothing like how we say it but it's so cute. She also makes a sound for thank you every time she hands you something. She is also saying open when she hands me her Play Doh. She is really making some progress and I am so excited to hear those little sounds coming out of her mouth.
We finally met Hudson last night. We stopped at the local Mexican restaurant after church and Lindsey and her family were there and Hudson is adorable. He and Emma really hit it off and were so cute playing together. They just laughed and jumped and screamed. It was adorable. I am hoping that we can get them together again soon.
Well, a very busy day ahead. I am hoping to get the mounds of laundry done and some major house work completed. Notice I said hoping. So far I have not accomplished much. I have had to kill a fly that Emma was terrified of and she won't let me out of her sight because Ernesto the rooster is on the front porch. Can you say dumplings?