Monday, January 6, 2014

We Have A New Addition

Emma loves to be the teacher and "you be the learner." We get a lot of that. I love that she has such an imagination. She is constantly in motion.

So I looked out one day about 2 months ago and apparently I became the owner of a new pet. We don't do cats well around here because our dogs are not huge fans. After a few days of being treed and then figuring out that she needs to take control of the situation, we have a cat. Emma named her black cat and I have to say, I've sort of fallen in love with her. She has a lot of spunk and I like that. Emma says that she has fingernails and so she is getting used to her.

                                        Our birds may not like Black cat as much as we do.

Christmas, 2013

Emma was really fun to watch this Christmas. She was so excited about everything. We spent Christmas Eve afternoon at Giggee and Pop's house and she enjoyed opening presents and entertaining. Of course she dressed in the traditional Christmas attire of Spider Man.

What is this I see? A DOLL! Could it be? This is from the movie Frozen and if you have not seen that, I highly recommend it. It was great and Emma was in a trance during the whole movie.

The grandmothers and their little hippie boy. If you could just see the hair that is under that hat!

                                             I love this picture of Aunt Pam and Emma.

                 Christmas morning and her ruby slippers that Aunt Susie gave her for Christmas.

Emma was pretty excited that Santa brought her a wheelchair and a miniature pair of crutches. She has played with them a lot. If you recall from a previous post, Emma has become very fascinated with wheelchairs this year since her friend Joseph is in her class and is in a wheelchair.

       Could it be that this is an Iron Man with muscles costume that Santa left under the tree?

Ashton got some several games and lots of other items as well as his car repaired after some damage from a wreck a few months ago. Thanks Giggee and Pop.

                               Now why would any little girl need a helmet you might ask.....

Well, here is the answer to that question! A new ride as she calls it. Thanks Giggee and Pop. This girl is full speed ahead and yes I realize that she doesn't have on the helmet!

Ashton is texting while his 6 year old sister drives. Think he might be guilty of that in his car?

            Brady certainly has the wind blown look going on in the shock of hair he is sporting.

                                            Well, what can I say? She is Captain America!!

Italian Christmas, 2013

We finally celebrated Italian Christmas after one cancellation due to inclement weather. Luckily, it worked out that the newest addition to the family was able to attend due to the change. She was charming of course. Holidays are hard on everyone, especially 6 month old babies that are off their schedules. She held it together well.
At the risk of sounding like an old person, I remember when he was this size and the total apple of my eye!!!

Why yes, I am a great aunt and they are supposed to be old. Right? All of  mine were I think.

My brother may prove to eat some of his words with this grand baby and another one on the way. I'm looking forward to seeing it!!

Aunt Sissy really is the matriarch of our family. Doesn't she look amazing for 82 years old?

Emma wasn't all the keen on getting in the pictures because that involves stopping for two seconds, so Iron Man stepped in instead. This is Iron Man without muscles, not to be confused with the costume she asked Santa for which is Iron Man with muscles.

A Visit With Santa

Nothing makes me more angry than to visit the mall and have to pay for pictures with Santa. I realize that someone is just cashing in on the holiday and this is America and it's all about capitalism, but I think it stinks that parents can't just take a picture of their kid talking to the big guy without feeling like the may be hauled off by mall security at any moment. So luckily this year Santa visited my work. Thank you Santa Darryl.
Emma was a bit hesitant at first, but she decided that he needed her pertinent information and that if she wanted to be the owner of Super Hero costumes she better step up to the plate and give him the information. She told him she wanted an Iron Man WITH MUSCLES costume, a Captain America costume, and a Captain Hook play kit complete with hooks, fishing pole, etc. No, she didn't ask for a single girl item. NOT ONE. But that's OK. She knows what she likes and she likes being a Super Hero. I'm cool with that.

Emma's Fall Festival

Yes, I know. I continue to do very poorly in the blogging area of my life. Here are a few pictures from Emma's fall festival where she was the representative from her class for the princess. This basically involves fundraising and therefore will be her final year as representative....However. she does look beautiful in a dress and that is certainly a rare event. Wearing a dress, not looking beautiful


Must teach my child the proper way to sit with a dress on. She really doesn't have much experience with this.