Thursday, May 30, 2013

Here Comes Summer

As hard as it is for me to believe, the school year is over. It just doesn't seem possible. I might have even said (more than once) in the last week, when will school start back? Dear Lord this girl never stops asking questions and saying Momma, Momma, Momma.....
We had a great year and the graduation program couldn't have been sweeter. I will eventually attempt to upload some video but considering how quickly I am getting pictures and posts on here, don't hold your breath.
This week we have had 2 afternoons of basketball camp and need I even say, it was a hit. Emma loves basketball and would play everyday. On the way home the first afternoon she was lamenting about how those kids "won't pass the ball." Crack me up.
We had our soccer party at Kids and Play last night and she had a blast playing with the other kids and the biggest kid of all, her coach. Coach Ray has been her coach since day one and my girl loves him. He has never handed out awards before, but last night Emma won the most improved player award after being nominated by the other parents and Coach. She had a great soccer season and although she didn't score any goals, it's coming. She has become more aggressive and never wants to come out of the game. She is all business now.
I took her to pick out a toy for doing so well at school and just being such a sweet kiddo in general and of course she went immediately to the boy toys and picked out a Hulk mask along with a new watch. Never even looked at the girl toys. When listing her best friends at school, they were all boys. She tells me everyday that she loves Andrew, Jevin and Austin is her best friend.
In the pictures that Emma looks like she might need to potty, they are actually doing a dance. I love the look on her face.

What, a picture with a girl? Yes, that is Riley and she is also one of our good buddies.

I love seeing how Emma is so intent while listening to Miss Cox give instructions. So serious.

I think the little shirts the kids made are adorable. Those sweet little hand prints and names will always be so special. I also love that Emma's hand is the most special of them all.This cute little one is Andrew, also on the best friend list.

This is Austin. Our best buddy in the world who recently taught Emma how to make toot noises underneath her arm. No wonder he is her best friend. Sure, a girl might teach you how to fix your hair or paint your nails, but toot noises are the bomb.

Miss Cox is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. We have been blessed by her this year. She is an amazing teacher with the patience of Job and the ability to reach kids at all levels and keep their attention. She is just the best and Emma worships her. She also listed Miss Cox as her best friend in her Kindergarten book.

We have had such a good year and come so far. Emma faces lots of challenges everyday. Our speech/language skills and our hearing are the most challenging of them all. 2 fingers, 3 toes, not that big of a deal! Sure, that has its challenges, but she amazing everyone at her abilities. I am probably the least amazed of all because I expect it from her and I am with her the most. She is just a really special girl with great determination and a very STRONG WILL. But, those speech/hearing challenges are really hard and even though she has come so far and continues to blossom, it was decided that it might be best to repeat Kindergarten. It wasn't an easy decision for any of us. There were meetings and discussions and maybe a few tears. However, in the long run, we believe this will be best for Emma. First grade is hard and the reading gets so much more intense and that is where we struggle the most. So we get to spend another year with Miss Cox and as much as I wish she could move up with her peers, I know this is best for Emma. She is excited that she gets to be with Miss Cox again and be her helper....I forgot to mention that Emma won the most helpful award!! She will also have another friend in there that she was in preschool with.

I couldn't be prouder of my daughter. She is special girl with a sweet disposition that just melts my heart. There are days when she tells me she can't do something because "my fingers not grow" and those are the days that mom reinforces the fact that she can do anything and we don't stop trying. I will not tolerate her having a give up attitude and lucky for us, she seldom has one. I wish we were all that determined.

In other children news.....Ashton is officially a Senior and I am about to lose my mind. He is suffering from a bad case of Senioritis. I have a cure for that but I'm not sure that I can post it here. Brady has gotten a job and actually worked his first 10 hour shift on Sunday. I LOVE IT. He looked a little tired afterward. Welcome to the grown up world.

We are hoping to take a math class this summer because unfortunately, Brady got my math gene and he stinks at it as evidenced by the fact that he has failed it twice now. It ain't pretty.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

This Is What A Loss Looks Like

After a recent soccer game loss, you can tell that this girl was devastated. Just look at that face.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

She Has Come A Long Way

There was a time when this girl would have NEVER touched a critter. The times have changed a little. We have some new baby chicks and bless their poor hearts. If they could speak I suspect they would be begging for some help.

And on another day of playing in the yard, we became the proud parents of a new worm. Look how serious she is while holding it. She was totally cracking me up.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Ok, We Just Skipped April

Once again, it is prom season. Ashton attended his Saturday night and despite the weather being a bit gloomy, it seemed to turn out well.

Emma just wants to have fun.
 So they were supposed to be looking up at something that was obviously not there but if you will   notice my kid is the only one not on the same page.

                                Oh, now he gets it and decides to go along with the other guys.

                                                          Ashton and his date, Bailey.

Ashton and his two good Senior friends that are about to move on, Bobby and Brandon.

                                                      The prettiest girl there no doubt.

                                            Yeah, he might favor me just a little bit.

                                               Getting in the picture with her favorite guys.

Brady has a new "friend" and she attended the prom with another guy who is just a friend. Brady was just thrilled that he didn't have to go.

                                                       My little boys have grown up a bit.

The weather was a bit chilly and the boys were nice enough to give the ladies their jackets.

                                            Emma and Jake, one of her basketball buddies.