Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursdays Thoughts

Emma reminds me of the Xanadu days. She is totally rocking that headband.

Some of her new favorite things to say and/or do include:
  • "Well, well, well". She just says this randomly and it is adorable.
  • Everything she eats or drinks she has to tell me is going in her tummy. 
  • She plays school a lot. It is so cute! She stands in her chair and proceeds to tell us the days of the week and the months and then she puts her hand on her heart and we say the Pledge. 
  • Continues to dress as a hobo, but does it in layers now. 
  • Favorite movie would be a tie between Robin Hood and The Great Mouse Detective, which she calls the mouse cookie movie. 
  • Wants to wear cowboy boots everyday because her best friend Gracie Belle wears them to school.
  • Wants to take her lunch everyday because her best friend does that too. 
  • Wants to have "round, round" hair because Gracie Belle has that too.
  • I am seeing a trend.

She had a hearing test yesterday and recheck on her hearing aids. Her hearing has not changed so that is good. She was fitted for new ear molds and should be getting those soon. She did so good and I was so proud of her. While we were in the elevator and she was dressed in scrubs and a lab coat, she managed to make several people smile. At one point a Doctor got on the elevator and she was quick to point out to him that they matched. One lady even said "she has totally made my day today". She as a way to doing that.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy Birthday

We have celebrated 2 milestone birthdays at our house this week. Emma turned 5 on Monday and Brady is 18 today. Yes my baby is officially an adult. What a thought.

Emma just refused to celebrate her birthday on Monday. She wanted no part of cupcakes or presents so I let it go. She decided to open her presents the next day and was happy about it.

 Brady doesn't have the gift opening problem. He knows it's cash and that makes him happy. He celebrated with Bo's parents and sister yesterday with a Red Robin burger and is having a few friends over for a bonfire and pizza tonight. It's hard to believe he is 18. The years really did go by fast.