Wednesday, November 26, 2008


First off, the weather in Tennessee is always amazing. Yesterday was cold but sunny and today it's 60 degrees and very nice outside. It's hard to believe that tomorrow is Thanksgiving with it being so warm outside.

This morning has been spent at the Blood Drive and Bake Sale for Christian. Emma and I spent a couple of hours there helping with the bake sale and it was wonderful to see such a huge turnout for the blood drive. There was a constant flow of people donating and I know that Christian and his family will be thrilled. The latest report from today was that he had to get more blood and therefore wasn't able to get his chemo today. They are really praying for his counts to increase so he can get back on the chemo and get his bone marrow transplant in December. Please continue to remember this amazing family in prayer. They are such great people with such a strong faith.

Bo and I have done a little outside work this afternoon while Emma napped. We had a lot of junk to pick up and dispose of from the remodeling project. While we worked outside our constant companion was the rooster. Brady has named him Ernesto (I have no idea why). He is never far away from your feet while you are outside.

We are planning on doing a little shopping this evening and just having some quality family time. I hope that Emma handles it all well. She is a little sneezy but seems to feel fine.

Happy Thanksgiving and I hope that we all take the time to really BE thankful for our blessings.
We are such a blessed people and after spending time in another country this year I think that I may appreciate our country and our blessings more than ever. Just think that right now there are 143 million orphans in this world with very little to be thankful for. Perhaps next year your home may be blessed with a new addition like ours. For everyone that is waiting on their referral, hang in there. It is worth the wait and it will happen.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday - Of Course I'm Behind

For my regular followers, sorry that I am behind. I have just been busy and my daughter has been very needy the last few days. She doesn't want me out of her sight and the only break I catch is during nap time. She has also been very timid the last few days. Scared of any sudden movements, still terrified of the dogs that are outside on the porch, and did I forget to mention - the rooster. Yes the rooster (only remaining chicken of the infamous flock) has decided his home is downstairs in front of the french doors in Ashton's room. He is there by 4 a.m. crowing (doesn't bother Ashton). He waits on me to fill up the dog food bowl so that he can eat, sleeps on the rug outside the door (yes, he's leaving a mess), and pecks the window. I'm not sure if he sees his shadow and thinks he is pecking at another bird or if he is just trying to get our attention. This rooster has issues and when Emma sees him she crawls quickly to me and puts her hand on my foot. Can you say therapy?

Bo and the boys are officially off after today. We will be celebrating Thanksgiving with Bo's family at his sister's house. We traditionally get up very early and meet them in Nashville for the annual Boulevard Bolt, but this year we are sitting it out. Our boys are crushed (yeah right). It's too early, too cold, too early, for us to get out with Emma. At least that is the excuse that we are using this year.

I have to work on Thanksgiving night and again Friday night. I hope that we get the house decorated over the weekend. That will give Emma something new to play with. I'm sure that the tree will be a huge source of interest for her.

Nothing much new and exciting to write about. I'm not sure if that's good or bad. I hope that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know that we are especially thankful this year. Our little girl is home and that is certainly the best gift we could have been given.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Not So Fun Friday

Emma is feeling the effects of her immunizations and therefore, so am I. She slept well, which is certainly a praise item. When she woke up it went down hill. She immediately laid her head on my shoulder and that is where it has been for most of the morning. She had one little episode of gagging and vomited slightly. She was feverish and hasn't' drunk anything this morning. She doesn't drink from a sippy cup yet and refuses to take anything but milk from the bottle. I remember learning the hard way with Brady that milk and fever don't go well together. Projectile vomiting is something that you never forget.

She is sitting at my feet right now playing her new drum with 2 ink pens. The Tylenol has kicked in and she is feeling a little better. I'm sure it won't last long. I'm hoping she takes a long nap and lets me do the same since I have to work tonight.

Our weekend is uncharted territory right now. I suppose it will depend on how she feels. We need to paint her bedroom, do some outside work, etc. Bo and Brady want to go hunting as well. Brady isn't feeling very well either. After seeing the Allergist yesterday he was prescribed an antibiotic and steroids since his asthma was beginning to flare up. The good news was that they are going to let us stop the allergy shots in February and see how he does. He has been on them for over 5 years so that will be a nice treat indeed.

Ashton is planning on playing golf this afternoon with the golf team. It's so cold and windy outside! Maybe when you are 12 that doesn't phase you.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Baby girl did not have an ear infection, just some dried, hard wax that needed a little help coming out. Icky. She did get her shots which I just hate for her. She is wise to the world and the minute the nurse walks into the room she begins to cling to me and cry. It doesn't take too long to figure out what's going on! Poor little thing. We have to get more shots in January, so maybe by then it will have become a distant memory. Right.

Brady has an apt. with the allergy specialist this afternoon, so I get to make 2 trips to Nashville today. He has been getting allergy shots for several years now and they have helped. It's time to have a recheck and get some idea how much longer we have to continue them. I think he may have a sinus infection so it's a good day to have the apt.

So that about sums up my day. Doctors visits. I did make a Target run and do a little Christmas shopping while we were out. Emma and I were in an isle looking at something and I noticed this man looking at Emma. As I was looking at something I heard her make her standard noise "Ba" and he was making faces at her. He asked if she was from a different country (what gave it away) and after I told him she was from China he told me that he would have a grandchild in December from China. He was so sweet and obviously so excited. I love to share about adoption so I could have talked all day.

Our nap has been completely thrown off today due to the doctor's visit. She napped on the way home from Nashville and that's it. She doesn't lay back down well. It could be a long afternoon:)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Emma and Monkey

Emma had not really shown any interest in stuffed animals and still doesn't. However, when she lays down in her crib her arms are always around monkey. This monkey was a gift from her Aunt Pam. I just think it's so cute and they look so sweet together.

Plans for today. We have a weekly prayer/chat time at Melissa's house. I have to take a stack of clothes to the local consignment shop. Clean, laundry, feed child, change child, feed child, entertain child. That pretty much sums it up. At this moment while I type I am also running back and forth to the top of the stairway and yelling for Brady to get up. He is the slowest human in the world. Yesterday I removed the locks from their doors so that I can get in without having to scream at them to get up. They were baffled when they got home but I had been warning them that it was coming. Mean mom that I am.

Emma was a little grumpy yesterday and has been pulling at her ears. I'm afraid she may have a little infection. I gave her Tylenol last night just to see if that might help her and she did sleep all night. We have an apt. to get shots tomorrow and are not scheduled to see the doctor. I think I am going to attempt to get her looked at anyway. She has been so healthy since coming home (knocking on wood). I hope that she doesn't have a bad winter and start getting sick.

Have a great day!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend Recap

This is the face that I see while I am trying to cook dinner. She is under my feet with her hand on my leg. She isn't going to get too far away from me.

Crawling along.

This is her latest attempt to stand up. She has been crawling like this the last few days. Every attempt to get a good picture of her fails because she sees the camera and immediately sits down and starts crawling toward the it.

Emma loves to help with the vacuuming. I wonder if that will last?
We had a busy weekend. I worked Friday night and Sunday day shift. Bo had the privilege of being Mr. Mom. He got the kids off to church yesterday and managed to get Emma dressed. Her shirt was on backwards and the tights were wrong, but at least he tried! Melissa and Shelley redressed Emma when she got in the nursery.
Saturday was a lazy day around the house. I made a pot of chili and Pam came to visit and play with Emma. It was nice to spend some time with her.
Today has been laundry and general pick up day at home. Emma has been under my feet all day. She pulled up in the crib today and although I suspect she has done it before, today was the first time that I saw her do it. She was very proud of herself and was all smiles waiting on me to get her out. It's amazing watching her change everyday and she is so proud of all of her accomplishments.
Brady and Ashton are finally finished for a little while with all of their extracurricular activities. Marching band is over and there are no sports right now and I am loving it! It's nice to get to come home in the afternoon and stay home. It doesn't last long, so I am going to enjoy it while I can.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Emma meets Beth (Cool Daughter)

Can you believe she helped raise these boys? Look at them now.
Emma learns to color. She was so funny coloring. She was having a hard time pressing down hard enough for the crayons to work and Brady was helping her. When she was finished, she took those sweet little arms and sent the book and crayons sailing to the floor and then looked up at me with the sweetest look on her face. This little gal is going to be a handful.
Our day today has consisted of cleaning, holding Emma, cleaning some more, holding Emma some more. She wants to be right underneath me at all times. She is taking a much needed nap at present and I am still deciding on insurance. Can you say procrastinate? The deadline is tomorrow so I'm really trying to get my act together.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Okay, my daughter is really being clingy today. She doesn't want to be away from me and isn't happy about anything. I'm not sure what her deal is today. I don't think she is feeling bad although she is chewing on her fingers a lot. Maybe some new teeth coming in. I hope it passes soon. She is certainly adorable but I would enjoy walking into another room without her screaming.

Emma and I met Melissa and her kiddos, Angel and Mason, and Shelley for lunch today to celebrate Melissa's birthday. Happy Birthday! We ate at a new restaurant in our little town and it was really good. Cafe Ameno has good sandwiches, soup and coffees. It was really good so if you are local you should check it out.

Emma is not the least bit proper. She burps like she just drank a beer. It really cracks me up. We will have to work on our manners, but when she does it while looking up at me with really sleepy eyes I can't help but laugh. I guess I have just been around my boys too long and nothing says funny like bodily noises:)

Today is such a grey day. Rainy, dreary outside. The perfect nap weather. Emma isn't interested due to the fact that she woke up at 5:15 this morning and then took a morning nap after taking the boys to school. I'm not sure what the deal was because she doesn't usually do that. I'm hoping that she isn't starting a new trend.

Dresses Anyone?

Black and white houndstooth with red trim and red hearts. Lydia Jane, 12 months, great condition. It's a red onesie and jumper. $10.00 shipped.

New with tags Christmas dress. Cream colored onesie and red jumper with matching shoes. 12 months. Retail $38 and I bought it on sale last year for $18.99. brand from Belk. $20.00 shipped. Emma is just too tall for these cute dresses.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Catching Up

Before. This was taken in China just a few days after we got her.

After. The same sweet little smile but with "meat on her bones." This child is loving her food. She is still having some texture issues, but overall is doing so well. She loves her vegetables. Her face just lights up when it's time to eat. She is very particular about how we feed her. She wants the jar to be left in front of her and if we pick it up she grabs your arm and pulls it back down to her tray. She is still taking about 2 bottles a day and is having some issues drinking from a cup, but we are working on it.
It is already turning out to be another busy week. I have decided that I am trying to accomplish too much at once. I get busy with so many things that it seems like nothing gets done. I am STILL trying to get all of the stuff moved downstairs to the boys new rooms. I have a huge Good Will stack and several nice clothes items that I am wondering if anyone would be interested in. If you have a boy that is size 16 I have several pairs of jeans and some very nice shirts, some with tags still on them, that I would love to sell. Just leave me a comment with your e-mail address and I will gladly send you some pictures or I can post them here if that would be easier for anyone. I have at least 4 pairs of jeans and 8 shirts.
I am trying to schedule all of the end of the year doctor's appointments and get all of that out of the way. It's time to decide on our insurance plan with Bo's work and what a pain. I hate those decisions. They are now offering a Health Savings Plan versus the Health Reimbursement Plan and I hate dealing with those things! I have a stack of paperwork to complete and I would rather be swimming with piranhas that dealing with it.
Emma is doing so well. She is still clingy at times and doesn't sit for very long and entertain herself. She wants to be where the action is all the time. She helped me vacuum this morning and was crawling so fast that I was really having to watch her. She stayed with my mother and stepfather yesterday while I had an apt. in town and I don't know who enjoyed it more. When I got home she was sitting at the table eating like a pig. This girl is really enjoying her meals.
I must run and try to accomplish some things while she is down for a nap. Pretty sad that it is afternoon and I have not had a shower yet. Ick.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thursday's Thoughts

Another busy week and I am still behind. Will I ever catch up?

The man from TEIS came again today to establish our plan for Emma. I hate to sound negative, but it's no wonder the state and the country is in such financial turmoil. It has taken 3 visits to establish whether our daughter, who had 2 fingers and 3 toes, qualifies for any early intervention (PT, OT, Speech, etc.). It's crazy to think that they have had to come to our house 3 times to establish this but alas, that is the government for you. OK, so we established our goals today and now he will type up his report and then someone else will contact me about working with Emma. I have to be honest, as fast as Emma is learning to do things for herself I suspect she won't qualify for anything very long. She is doing so well with her little fingers.

Melissa and I took the girls and went to a warehouse sale today. The clothes were adorable and I bought several things for next summer. The other things were not as cheap so I controlled myself although I must say it wasn't easy. The things for next summer were cheap and I hope they will fit her. Rory and Emma were so good and obviously like to shop. We then treated ourselves to a Starbucks and headed home so that I could pick up Ashton. (Thanks Melissa:)

Tonight we are having dinner with my in-laws to celebrate Pam's birthday (Bo's sister). The boys can't wait because they love Kobe's. I hope that Emma does well there with the blazing grill thing. She gets startled easily and I'm sure that flames might scare her. She also didn't get her regular nap in and may be a little testy. She is taking a short nap now. We are meeting our good friend Beth (aka Cool Daughter) after dinner for a quick visit while she is in town. We have not seen her in several years and can't wait to see her. She is our former pastor's daughter and she babysat our boys for years. She is like our grown daughter.

Brady had band practice again today and will be going to Chattanooga tomorrow since the football team is headed to tournaments. He will be riding a bus for 2 1/2 hours up and back. Seems a bit much to me but what do I know.

Okay, so my house is still crazy. I worked so hard yesterday moving things to the boys new rooms and have a large Good Will section started. It's amazing how much stuff you accumulate. I hate stuff.

I am so glad the election is over. It didn't go as I had hoped but I am proud to live in a country where we have the choice. After being in China for 2 weeks I have a deeper appreciation for our freedoms.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Riding in my Car

Brady was trying to convince Emma to get out of the car. She wasn't buying it. She continued to slam the door everytime he opened it.

Loving my car.

Those women drivers:)

Just out for a Sunday drive.

What a handsome young man my son is. Don't be fooled, he thinks he is too:)

Holding her fork. Notice all the laundry and pans in the floor. She loves her pots and pans and I can't seem to make it up the stairs with the laundry.

She is really trying to feed herself. The problem is she only wants to use the fork and not the spoon. She scares me with a fork. Very determined!

Okay, I will use your stupid spoon if I must.

Halloween pictures

Me and my Giggee.

Jackpot at my Nanny's house.

Not too impressed with the whole thing.

My little pumpkins.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Update from Hand Doctor

Emma went to the hand specialist at Vanderbilt today and as we suspected there is little that can be done for her hands. If she wants prosthetics in the future then that will be the plan, but that will be left up to her and as he put it today, they would probably only get in her way. I suspect that is right. I was very pleased with the doctor.

We will be seeing a foot specialist is December. Perhaps by then she will be over the trauma of being xrayed. What a drama queen!

We met my friend Wendy and her mom for lunch today after our doctor's apt. and Emma proceeded to eat french fries. Well, she didn't exactly chew them, but she did swallow several of them whole. That should be pretty on the other end of the spectrum:) She picked the fries up and put them in her mouth by herself. I think she was just trying to impress our friends. She's a ham!