Saturday, November 2, 2013

Catching Up

I realize that I may be the worst blogger in history. I take full responsibility. There just aren't enough hours in the day.
So Ashton is enjoying his Senior year. He was one of the Senior Escorts for the Homecoming Court and of course I think he was dashing in his tux. Quick note to younger parents, if you have a child that you think may attend every prom and be in every Homecoming, just go ahead and purchase a tuxedo when they start high school. You won't regret it and it will save you a ton in tux rental. I wish someone would have given my that very sage advice.

Just keeping it real and enjoying some IPad time. This girl has become the queen of the IPad. She is doing so well in school. I have no doubts that repeating Kindergarten wasn't the best thing we could do. She has just blossomed this year.

On the very first day of school, she noticed a little boy in a wheelchair. The thing she noticed most was that the wheels on his chair lit up. I knew that we were in store for something, but I had no idea just what. That little boy is in her class and she absolutely adores him. I told his mom on the first day that I knew that Emma would be the first one to point out that he was in a wheelchair and want to know why. I explained that she didn't mean anything offensive, she was just fascinated with it. I couldn't have been more right. She has driven me crazy with it. She has turned her baby doll stroller in to her wheelchair and is in it all the time. She can't stop talking about wheelchairs and why is Joseph in one and will he be in one when he goes to Heaven. It was cute for the first month or so. Now she is just driving me crazy most of the time! Oh, and she wants to help Joseph at school. I believe that she has been told that "I can do it myself" more that once. Joseph is her good buddy and I think it's an interesting bond that they are created. It makes me proud.

Soccer ended a couple of weeks ago and now we have started basketball. She had her first practice this week and I think it's going to be a hit. If nothing else, she loves her shoes and her Air Jordan socks. And really, isn't it all about the fashion.

There was a lot of discussion about what Emma would be for Halloween. Luckily she decided on Spiderman and I was so glad since we already own that costume. She changed into her cowgirl suit after being Spidey all day and getting way too hot. I thinks that was a good choice as well and I have to say I've never seen a cuter cowgirl anywhere!

This incredibly shaggy boy is my son Brady. I had not seen him in a month and apparently there are no hair salons in the area because he hasn't cut his hair since leaving for school in August.

He managed to come home for a brief visit last night and have dinner with the family. He has been working and going to school so we just don't get to see him much. His biggest issue has been poor gas mileage on his truck. We knew he needed something smaller and had been debating it. We finally bit the bullet this week and bought him a car. We surprised him with it last night and he was thrilled. Considering how much I "loan" him for gas, I think I may be even more thrilled.

I just love the look on his face when he realized that the car sitting at Nanny's house was for him. We had left if there because we knew that Ashton would never be able to keep a secret. You can quote me on that.

Of course, little sister was the first girl to get a ride in the car. She will certainly be the cutest girl to ever ride in his car.

Brady isn't too hard to please. He doesn't ask for much. He's really a simple guy. Doesn't care about clothes or stuff so much. His only requirements for his new car was that it had a really good CD player. Like I said, a pretty simple kid. In all honesty, he's just an old hippie. You gotta love him.

The kids are all just busy doing their own thing. Emma is currently raising funds for her run at Queen at school. Her fall festival in coming up and she is in the running for queen. Well, she will always be my queen.

Ashton is putting in his applications at the various colleges. He thinks he wants to go out of state and is scheduled to tour one school next month. He is getting very excited about college. He is also very excited about basketball starting in a couple of weeks. He will finally be starting and I am so happy for him. He has worked hard and earned it.

So that is a brief synopsis of our lives right now. It's a constant state of motion.