Saturday, September 22, 2012

Football Homecoming, 2012

Ashton was the Junior Class escort for the homecoming attendant. Okay, is he handsome or what? Unfortunately my pictures are crud and these were the best I had to offer. They both just look adorable.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Emma's Got Sass

                                                                    What can I say?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Catching Up

Brady was home for an overnight visit a couple of weeks ago and Emma just couldn't get enough of her brother. Apparently that was the day that I decided to become a cry baby and when he packed up and left that afternoon I cried for hours. It wasn't a constant cry, just one of those times that if I thought about it I would break down in tears. Poor Brady thought his mom had lost her mind. I might have.

Okay, I ask you, does life get any better than this? Feet up, IPod in hand, movie on. Life is just good.

Emma loves the tractor. She would ride it all day with her daddy. She had taken the opportunity to get on it and blow the horn while daddy was working outside. Look at that face....

In other news......Brady is loving college. Brady is costing a small fortune. Apparently music education majors have to have access to lots of instruments that they are required to buy. Need I say more.

He had the opportunity to go to Memphis this past weekend for the ballgame. The Marching Band did a great job with their halftime performance. I think he had a blast.

Ashton is the escort for the Junior class homecoming attendant this week. That means a tux and lots of candy to toss out for the parade. He left home this morning in a Toga. I have no further comments.

Emma has not been eating much lunch at school and it has had them concerned. Mrs. Maria (who I have known forever) works in the front office and she helps out with lunch for the little ones. She called me to tell me that Emma isn't eating or drinking. It doesn't matter if I send her lunch or she gets lunch at school, she just wasn't eating. Apparently that has improved a little and I am so grateful. When I picked her up from school yesterday I asked her what she had for lunch and she told me very plainly "Pizza, green beans, applesauce, and apple juice." It was almost like she was saying...get off my back! I ate lunch so leave me alone. Oh this girl of mine.

Everyone who knows Emma knows how much she HATES a dress. Totally hates them and totally frustrates me. However, apparently if your Kindergarten teacher wears a dress then it's ok and now Emma is coming home from school every afternoon and putting on a dress and leggings. They don't match or hardly fit, but she has decided that she wants to dress like Ms. Savannah. Oh yes, teachers make a huge impact on our kids lives! I am thankful that we have a good one.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Our Flower Girl

Emma was a huge success as the flower girl at my nephew's wedding. It was an answer to prayer because she didn't display any attempt at the rehearsal dinner. She held on to my leg and wouldn't let go. I believe the promise of a pair of skates is what did the trick. She has been fascinated by skates since she noticed the car hops at Sonic. So that was our bargaining chip and apparently it worked. She walked down the aisle just like a pro and never looked back. Her skates were waiting when she got home.
The wedding was held outside at my mother's farm and considering that just a few hours earlier it was storming and raining cats and dogs we were thrilled that it worked out. The weather was beautiful and the sky was so blue. A perfect day for an outdoor wedding and it was beautiful.

My brother loves his newest daughter-in-law and I think the feeling is mutual. A very good thing.

No, he didn't wear the hat during the wedding but I'm betting that Emma would have.

Emma kept pointing out that she and Ashley matched. Maybe that is why she agreed to the dress.

Okay, I realize she is my daughter and I may be slightly partial, but is she not beautiful as a girl!

It won't be too many years and daddy will be walking her down the aisle. Of course it may be with a walker considering how old we will be.

       Just like a pro. She marched down the aisle and went straight to the front in her position.

Of course, it could have been that the ring bearer was a dog and he was on her heels. Just saying.

My brother walked Ashley part of the way and then she was handed off to her handsome brothers. That was when my tears started to flow. Her father has passed but I am sure she could feel his spirit.



I love this picture of Ashley and her brothers. I especially love the look that he is giving her. He just recently returned from Afghanistan and will be leaving today to return to base.

There was a little confusion about which hand to put the ring on. The preacher was quick to point out it was Ben's first time. It was too cute.

        What a handsome couple and they are as handsome on the inside as they are on the outside.

Emma spent a little time getting acquainted with the Copper the ring bearer. Love the look in Emma's eyes in the first picture. She just isn't too sure about this deal.

                     Can you believe that people think I look just like my mother? Hmmm.


 I think my mother had just given the new couple a good talking to and I think that may have involved some talk about my daddy who has been dead for 18 years now. Ben looks just like him.

                                  It's a done deal. Ashley has the paperwork to prove it.


   What can I say, you can put a dress on a girl but that doesn't mean she is going to be a lady...

Up, Up, Up and Away. The balloons went flying as the new couple left the reception and started their new life together.

It was a perfect day.

Saturday, September 1, 2012