Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Hodge Podge of Activity...Warning..Graphic

I feel like I say it on every blog post, but our life is so busy right now that I feel like we never stop. Since my last post, we have had basketball camp, soccer tournaments, Ashton's ball camps, college orientation for 2 days, and a visit to the local ER.

Emma has decided that one of the most fascinating things she has seen lately is sitting on top of the washing machine and watching the clothes inside. Who knew?

Apparently the chocolate icing on a Krispy Kreme is most delicious! She was covered in chocolate.

Basketball camp was a hit. She was the smallest one there but she didn't realize it. It only fueled the fire in her belly to play ball like her brother!

It really helps when the boys love you and hold you up to makes baskets. The perks of knowing all the team.

This is one of her favorite boys on the team. He was her coach for the day. Thanks BB.

 Such intensity! These guys were a hoot to watch.

The autograph signing. Emma was so excited that people were writing on her shirt.

After spending the last 2 days touring the University that Brady is going to attend and dealing with all of the aspects of that....sniff, sniff....we were so glad to get home yesterday and relax for a few minutes. That was a short lived process. Ashton had gone to a friend's house to play ball and it wasn't long until I got a call from one of his friends "Ms. need to come get Ashton he has hurt his arm bad, you can see the bone." Well, I have been an ER nurse for a long time and  I don't panic much and I didn't then. I headed up the street to check on my boy who was pale, clammy, and looking like he was about to lose his lunch. They had him in a chair with a dressing on his arm and a towel wrapped around it. I removed the dressing and it was a sight to behold. We headed on to the ER where he got approx 30 stitches from the inside out. He was a very blessed young man because his artery and nerves were exposed and another millimeter over and he would have had an arterial bleed of major proportion. This was his first stitch experience and he did well. He has to be out of commission for a few days. He is not allowed to lift anything over 5 pounds for the next 4 days and then he will have it rechecked on Saturday. Most disappointing to him, NO basketball. But according to his friends and brother "chicks dig scars!"