Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Little Fun in the Sun

I realize it has been about a hundred years since I posted. Sorry to the ones who like to follow along, but the summer has been busy and I have just not taken the time. I will try to do better but I make no promises.
We just spent a week at the beach and Emma is just like her mother and a total beach bum. The boys probably didn't spend a total of 3 hours all week at the beach but that's just them. The highlight of their trip was being in the water when a hammerhead shark, approximately 8 feet, swam right by them and everyone was yelling "shark". Yes, they are weird kids.
Emma enjoyed playing and got braver everyday and by the last day she just didn't think she needed anybody to help her in the water. I think after taking on a few waves she decided that maybe that wasn't the smartest choice.

I love this picture. It just looks like she is praying and meditating in the water. I think she might have been pouting instead.

Yes, I attempted to take some beach pictures the last night we were there and they stunk. She was mad about the dress and she wouldn't cooperate and the boys were not helping much and so being the determined parent that I am I said the heck with it.

Emma seems to really have gotten taller this summer. She is currently very interested in all things Super Hero and is convinced that she is Spider man, Batman and Iron man. She changes clothes so much during the day that I can't keep up. She bought a Spider man costume at the Disney store while we were out of town and wore it on the way home, including the mask and the "hand gloves". She calls herself Peter Parker all the time. This child is so not a girly girl.

School starts back in less than a month and to say that I'm ready, well let's just say that I am. She will be glad to get back with her friends and Miss Savannah. Nothing wrong with that.