Thursday, July 26, 2012

What's Been Going On Around Here..

So once again the last few weeks have been busy and not always fun filled. Emma has had 4 doctor's appointments and a dental appointment so needless to say we are tired of doctors....not so much the doctors but the waiting. It drives me crazy to have an appointment scheduled and have to wait 3 hours with a 5 year old. I may have already mentioned that but felt it was worth mentioning again!

She has seen her ENT, her foot specialist, her Pediatrician, her hand specialist, along with her speech appointments and the added dental appointment. Dr. L (foot) was pleased and said we could come back in 2 years as long as she is doing well and having no pain. Dr. H (pediatrician) saw her for bug bites that were itching her beyond believe and getting a little infected....antibiotics to the rescue along with some super strong cream. Dr. W (hand - and one of my favorites) was more than impressed with our girl and her abilities. He told the medical student that was with him "this will be the most important patient that you will see" and that just melted my heart. He explained to him the syndrome that Emma has and discussed how so many times Doctor's want to over correct things and that Emma is so functional that she doesn't need any help right now. All this was done while Emma wrote her name, attempted to tie her shoes and just generally charmed them. Dr. W wrote "Awesome Emma" above her name that she wrote. It was just one of those very proud mom moments. He told us that he didn't necessarily need to see her back and that he would most likely see her when she does something that hurts her...he could tell that she was very busy and extremely rowdy:) If you live in the Nashville area and need a hand specialist...he is the bomb.

Bo and I took an evening away this past Saturday and while we were gone, Nanny noticed that little miss now had a second row of teeth coming in on the bottom behind her 2 front teeth. Oh great. This is very reminiscent of Ashton and the small fortune that has been spent on his teeth. So off to the dentist this week and after a little "Snoopy" gas my sweet baby girl came out minus her two bottom baby teeth and let me say, she was NOT impressed by what they had done to her. Poor baby. It's all good now and she is pretty excited that there is money underneath her pillow. She has left it there all day today so she can show daddy when he gets home this evening. Like he doesn't know it's there....

And to top all the events off, we have been invaded by fleas! We only have a parakeet in the house and luckily I have not seen that many in the house, but our yard is covered up. We live in the woods and have lots of wild animals appearing in the yard and 3 dogs which have been treated for fleas, but somehow we are the lucky ones to have these pests all in the yard. We have sprayed and sprayed and the exterminator will be spraying tomorrow so I am hoping that we are going to be rid of this icky insects soon. It's horrible! I totally don't get why God made some insects. They serve no purpose at all except to drive humans and animals crazy!

So a few pics....because let's face it, you just can't get enough of this adorable face.

Emma and Gracie Belle got to spend the day together a couple of weeks ago and they were so cute. There were a few sharing issues, but other than that it was a really fun day for these 2 friends.

Of all my children, she is the only one who even remotely wants to help with the dishes or anything else for that matter! As you can tell, she is recovering from numerous bug bites on her back. You should see her legs!

Helping mom makes some icing for some very yummy cookies. Let me just say, her food prep habits need a little work and there may or may not have been a sneeze involved, but is what it is.

I love this picture. Total bliss on a beater. It just doesn't get any better than that.

Our first teeth out...not the old fashioned way either.  She wasn't all that keen on smiling for mom.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Here Comes the Flower Girl

About a month ago, Emma had to go and get fitted for her flower girl dress. She is about to be in 2 weddings in the next few months and we all know how much Emma LOVES dresses. She immediately saw a little tux that she was interested in but then I managed to divert her attention to a dress they had on sale. She liked it...she really liked it. Now, it isn't the actual dress she will be wearing but it is similar and I am hoping her enthusiasm will remain when the time comes to actually walk the aisle. We shall see....All I can say is, no matter what, she will be a very beautiful flower girl.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How Did The Pioneers Do It?

So I have been without my computer for several weeks now and let me just say...I have missed it more than you know. Thanks to my wonderful friend Joe it is now back in service and I can catch up with the outside world.

We managed to have a brief vacation and enjoyed it very much. I am totally a beach person but this year it was just not in the cards so we headed to the mountains instead. However, our boys are not really the outdoor type so we really didn't do much in the way of outdoor things. We managed to go to DollyWood and check out their latest roller coaster. It was a hit. We also went to the Dixie Stampede and aside from Brady having an asthma attack and me having to get him out of there and get an inhaler, it was a hit. Emma especially loved it.

Emma loved "playing ball" too. I kept trying to explain to her that it was a pool table and she was shooting pool, but she didn't seem to care.

Her new favorite pair of shoes, thanks to her daddy.

We came home and then it was time for the annual family reunion, which was a bit different this year thanks to the dry weather leading to a burn ban and us not being able to have our annual all night barbecue. We improvised and grilled on the 4th instead. Ashton met his cousin, Sean Micheal for the first time.

This little gang here screams TROUBLE. They had a blast with water guns and the creek.

On the 5th we met Gigi for the first time. Her family was in town and we finally got to visit with them. She and Emma were so cute playing together. She is only 3 and so petite. I didn't realize what a mammoth my girl was until she stood next to her. There were a few issues with sharing, but otherwise all was good. I love the look on Emma's face.

It looks like Emma has her in a choke hold. They were just too cute together.

We also visited the aquarium while we were out of town and the shark was her favorite.

It's now back to reality with everyone going back to work and life getting back to normal. I have been a bit scattered over the last few days but I am sure it has nothing to do with age. Just busy times I think.

Brady will be heading off to school in about 5 weeks and we are trying to get prepared for that. Ashton continues to be on the mend with his arm. It has taken a while to heal and is still not 100%. He has taken it easy and managed to lose some muscle tone while doing so. He is slowly getting it back.

So that is what's new here I suppose. I am on a redecorating kick and wanting to get some painting done and then some new lighting and when I hit the lottery I am going to get new counter tops. It's just a matter of time:) Poor Bo. I know he loves it when I get in these moods.