Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Anniversary

23 years ago we were married. This little boy in the tux married last weekend. Where does time go?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Could Someone Please Pass the Cheese

WHINE. Yes, that's what I have heard for the last 2 days.

Emma has been fever free for 2 days, so that is a great sign. Her cough is still pretty horrible sounding and she is just a BEAR. She wants my undivided attention no matter what I'm doing. She stood outside my shower this morning holding on to the curtain. You would have thought that I had packed up and moved. She hasn't done that in forever.

I think she misses being at school because she has mentioned school a couple of times today. For some reason, every time she mentions school, she associates it with eating because that is the next word our of her mouth.

The weather today has been PERFECT after a rainy day yesterday. She and I managed to spend some time outside swinging and feeding the chickens and she loved that. Poor thing, she continues to have this horrible fear of our dogs. She has been home for 2 years and still hates the dogs just as much as the first day. It's beyond a fear really, she is terrified when she sees them in the yard and they don't even attempt to come near her. I don't think that is ever going to get better and it makes me sad. I really don't know what to do for her to make it better.

I have managed to spend the last 2 days decluttering. I have bags and bags take to Goodwill. I managed to get rid of lots of her toys that she doesn't play with and games the boys never touch, clothes, movies, books, shoes, etc. I'm thrilled to get some stuff out of this house. My other goal for the day was to vacuum the hardwood and mop. Check it off my list....done. Of course my house still looks like a storm struck it but I'm pretty convinced that involves having a 3 year old. I won't even want to discuss those teenage boys.......

We go back to the doctor tomorrow and hopefully he will be pleased with her results. I suspect we will have to go back for another chest Xray, but I hope not.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Sick Girl

Well, Miss Emma has pneumonia. We spent the day at the doctor's office and hospital getting a chest xray. She has not enjoyed her day AT ALL. She started antibiotics and hopefully that will do the trick. We have to follow up on Thursday to make sure we are improving.

I worked last night until midnight and was thrilled when Bo took the day off to help me out today. He has mastered the art of getting her to take her medicine much better than me. Who knew he was such a good nurse.

Well, that's all the news from our house. I am exhausted and plan on resting on the couch and hopefully watching Dancing with the Stars. That may not work out considering my girl doesn't want me to be out of her sight for more than 2 seconds.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

Okay, so our weekend has involved being sick (Emma), working, band competitions, and a wedding. My nephew got married yesterday and it was a lovely, simple wedding. I am so proud of them.

Emma was responsible for handing out programs and making sure the guest register was signed. She was very determined that everyone was taking a program. Well, except her mother who managed to get out without one. Also, look at that handsome Ashton.

My mother (couldn't stop crying the entire ceremony), Ashton, and Pap.

Johnny and Sue, being escorted by Dawson (cousin).

It looks like Brandon is passing along a secret.

Look at those very serious faces. I can't believe my little nephews are all grown up.

Kyra and another flower girl (I think her name is Lily). They were both adorable.

Here comes the bride.

Giving his mom a hug.

The pouring of the sand ceremony. I have to admit I have never seen this before and don't know anything about it.

Kiss that girl Bob.

Mr. and Mrs. Palmore

Kyra was very busy in the field.

A lovely bridal party.

A rather handsome bunch of guys and a beautiful bride.

The parents. Thanking God they have survived!

A handsome couple.

Just Hitched. Literally.

Johnny took them to the church for the reception with his mules and wagon.

These guys look pretty happy don't they!

Up to no good around the get away car.

Our little bird seed girl. She was trying to pick it up to take to her birds.

So Bob and Sarah were married on my mother's farm in the field. I have to admit I was a bit concerned how it would turn out, but it turned out beautiful. The weather was perfect and everything came together nicely. It was sweet that he wanted to marry on my parents farm and we could feel my dad's presence. He would have been so proud.

Emma has had a fever for 3 days, cough, runny nose and diarrhea. I called the doctor's office this morning and of course as I suspected, they want me to give her another 24 hours and see if she gets better. She isn't running a fever right now, and I'm hoping for the best. She has been pretty sad the last few days and hasn't wanted to get too far away from her mom.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Our First Field Trip

Emma had her first field trip today and it was a hit. She enjoyed riding the barrel train and watching the animals. She used the word "yucky" while taking a bite of her cheese and repeatedly said "ride". She didn't want to get off the train or the hayride.

Who are you calling a pig?

Okay, so this donkey was completely cracking me up. Apparently, I was cracking him up too.

Emma was very interested in the pigs. Look at those hands on the hips!

Loving her ride.

I wasn't so sure that I wanted Emma to go down the slide. It is huge and I went down it last year and I have to admit I was a bit scared. I couldn't do it today because I am still hurting too much in my lower back. Not to be outdone, she decided to go down it alone and I think she wasn't' sure if she liked it or not. I gave her a big high five when she got to the bottom, but she was quick to tell me no when I asked her if she wanted to go again. She kept pointing to it and telling me "dark". I was very proud of her bravery.

Monday, October 18, 2010

More Disney......

This is one of those moments that I wish I had worn more makeup. Oh, well....
Dinner at the the Sci Fi Restaurant.

Waiting to ride the Barnstormer coaster. Emma was 40" and could ride several rides that I was not about to let her on (even though Ashton was begging). She wasn't so sure about this one and the minute it started she began saying "up, up" which I believe translated to "please get me off of this thing".

She totally loved driving her daddy around the track.

Meeting Buzz Lightyear.

Why yes that is lipstick on her cheek, left by her favorite princess.....

Mulan. She gave Emma the big kiss. Daddy didn't do a very good job getting us all in the picture, but he tried.

Snow White looks a bit too scary for me. You can see that Emma was thrilled with her:)

Yeah, yeah, another princess. Great mom.
She wouldn't have anything to do with Belle. Not sure why, but completely not interested.

Aurora (sp) was very friendly as well, and once again Emma could take her or leave her.

But now she really liked this handsome prince who held her while she watched a parade.

So we flew to Orlando last Saturday morning and made our first stop at Epcot. We managed to get in a ride and dinner and then make it back to the hotel. Emma was exhausted but ever bit the trooper.
Sunday we spent the day at Magic Kingdom. Well, Pam and I did. The others all went back to the hotel to catch a much needed nap, but it was my birthday and I decided to spend the entire day at the "most magical place on Earth:)" I think that Pam just felt sorry for me and decided to stay with me. I would like to say that my sweet husband bought me a wonderful present. We have tickets to the Michael Buble concert in December and I can't wait. Totally love him! I had a great birthday with my family.
Monday was spent at Hollywood Studios where Emma got to see the Beauty and the Beast production and she loved it. The rest of us managed to score a couple of rides on the Rockin Roller Coaster where Pam ended up screaming so much that she couldn't talk the next day! Another totally fun day.
Tuesday we visited Animal Kingdom and Emma loved it as well. She actually pet a goat, but of course I couldn't snap the picture quick enough to prove it. We had breakfast with Donald, Mickey and the gang and then headed over to Downtown Disney for dinner at Wolfgang Puck. Delicious! The best carrot cake ever. That is also the evening that we caught up with Barbara and her family.
Wednesday we had breakfast with the princesses and spent the day at Epcot and World Showcase. Another exhausting day. I had developed a cough reminiscent of typhoid, but at least I didn't feel too horrible.
Thursday we spent the morning at Magic Kingdom again and finished the evening out at Hollywood Studios. Friday morning we got an early start and flew home. Truly, there is no place like home. Everyone had a good time though and the weather was perfect. I couldn't have been more proud of Emma and how she handled it all. I saw a lot of kiddos that were falling apart and even more parents, but she really behaved well and managed some very long days. We had a great time with the family.
So back to the grind now. Our morning started out with Emma falling off of the changing table. She is always trying to roll around on it and this morning she just rolled right off. I was sure that she had broken her arm or something, but luckily she was intact. She just kept crying and saying "band aid, band aid". Amazing how a band aid fixes everything.
I have spent the morning grocery shopping and running errands, including picking up my new BIFOCAL glasses. Yes, I am wearing them right now. It's going to take some getting used to. Old comments.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Just A Few More Disney Pics.

The tree lady at Animal Kingdom. That is a job she can keep!

Emma loved watching the Beauty and the Beast production.

Cool Muppet's hat!

Just like my big brothers!

Pop and the boys.

This girl can put away some spaghetti and she doesn't want anyone to help her. Brady - looking cool.

One of the many rides on the bus back to the resort. Giggee is armed for this ride.

Beast in one of the many parades.

Aunt Pam had bought all of us Mickey ears years ago at Disney and now Emma has the only pink pair.

Aunt Pam and Emma.

The truce. Many years ago when the boys were very little we made a trip to Disney and Pop and Tigger were not friends. That's what happens when Tigger attempts to overlook one of the grandchildren:) This year they made up. The restaurant can now remove the wanted poster from their wall.

Emma wasn't too sure about Piglet.

Sneaking up on my girl, but luckily big brother was there to watch over the situation.

Emma decided that she needed to be held for most of trip. Of course she decided that after we had paid $77 for stroller rental for the week. Luckily Brady didn't mind holding her some.

Our first trip to the Magic Kingdom was great. We were there when it opened and saw Mickey and his friends come in on the train. As we were entering the park we saw Pinocchio. Emma isn't familiar with him but we made a beeline to see him before the line formed and he was so sweet. He was just precious with her and signed that he loved her. I looked up and my mother in law was in tears.