Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Break and Catching Up

So Spring Break has been a bit of a bust with only one day being sunny. It has snowed and rained and been a week of completely crazy weather. Emma has enjoyed some mom time and some Nanny time and if I have been asked one question I have been asked a gazillion.
On Wednesday we went to the dentist. She was a bit reluctant because the last time she went she came out minus a couple of teeth. She hadn't forgot. She also had to go alone and usually has Ashton and Brady with her to help. After about 15 minutes or so I was called back to attempt to negotiate having Xrays done. Just suffice it to say, it's a good thing I don't work for the FBI because she didn't have Xrays done and apparently I stink at negotiating. She sat in the chair with her hands over her mouth and wouldn't budge. Luckily they decided it might be in every one's best interest to forgo it for another 6 months. Good plan.
We also had haircuts yesterday and she was thrilled with hers. She is getting a little more girly and is interested in wearing eyeshadow and lip gloss. Of course, that is while she is wearing a tie and cowboy boots.
A few weeks ago I was put in touch with a lady that has a little boy from China born with the same uniqueness that Emma has. We had a play date and he was adorable. BUSY. I remember that boys can be that way. His name is Lee and we are hoping to have another play date soon. I don't think either of them even noticed just how unique the other one was. I love it.

Emma's class is studying transportation and everyone had to make something that they could get to school in. Luckily Bo is the head of projects and he and Emma (haha) came up with a hot air balloon. It was a hit.

Soccer is back in full swing and Emma is showing real interest this time around. Look at that face of sheer determination. This is her season to shine!

The annual Purple Crush Easter Egg hunt was held after practice yesterday. I have got to teach my girl the ins and outs of proper egg hunting. She is way to polite, asking me "is this my egg". Go girl, there all fair game!

The man in the center is pretty much a saint. I have never seen anyone love kids so much and has the patience of Job. This may because he doesn't have any kids. He is the best coach and my girl loves him.

Today has been spent watching it rain and watching Popeye. What can I say, my girl loves a good pipe.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bring on the Snow

I'm beginning to think we are never going to get a real snow. So we are having to work with what little we get and apparently for Emma, it just doesn't matter. She enjoyed playing on the deck in the dusting of snow that we got on Saturday. She managed to throw some snow balls and we built a tiny little snow family. This child loves the snow!

If this face doesn't represent pure bliss I don't know what does. You can see the child's tonsils she is so excited!

In none snow related news, Emma used the term "let's rock and roll momma" yesterday when I asked her if she was ready to go. I almost fell over laughing. She told me she learned it at school.

We are also having to work on sharing. Obviously Emma doesn't have to do a lot of sharing at home since her brothers are grown. On Tuesdays I pick up some other little girls and apparently my girl was a bit of a bully and made Hannah get out of her chair. What shocked me was that Hannah did it. She is older and has 3 sisters! I had a talk with Emma about sharing and I also had a talk with Hannah and told her not to let my girl get her way! I could tell that Emma was bothered by her behaviour, but it remains to be seen how she will behave next time.

Another problem that we are having is that if Emma smells something....or someone....that doesn't smell just right to her, she has to point it out. And not in a discreet way. We were standing in line at Walmart last night getting her "peppperonnnni" Lunchables because that is what Austin has at school, when she got a whiff of the lady's jacket that was in front of us and proceeded to inform me that "shoooo momma, stinks". Well great. Luckily the lady wasn't really paying attention but we had to have another talk about not saying things like that. Oh this child. Out of the mouth of babes.....

Soccer practice should begin this afternoon and Emma couldn't be more excited. She has informed me that she will run fast and kick the ball and then showed me her muscles. Bring it on!