Saturday, February 23, 2013

Playing Outside

We took advantage of the warmer temperatures yesterday afternoon to play outside a few minutes. Emma loves to be outside and would stay out all the time. She loves to swing, play basketball, and explore. Yesterday we tried our hand at climbing trees. We have a long way to go.

Most of the time this girl has a smile on her face. But on occasion. this is the face that we see. Poor pitiful thing. Just not getting her way.

Emma has never been a fan of dogs. From the first day she got home she has hated the dogs. Screams of pure torment whenever they would come near her. Well, she has come a long way. She still doesn't want to love on them or be chased by them, but she has decided that she loves Gypsy. What's not to love? If there is a sweeter dog than a Basset Hound I don't know what it could be. So we are making strides in the dog department. This makes her momma proud.

Her other favorite thing to do is chase this rooster. He is like a big pet that stays at the house all the time and thinks he is just one of the dogs. You might be a redneck if.........

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Sweet Birthday Boy

19 years ago today, I had a bouncing baby boy. It took 12 hours for him to make his entrance into this world and I chose natural childbirth. I was delirious. Some things never change. He has never been in a hurry....EVER.
My boy is off at school and I am not getting to be with him on this day. It hurts a little, but life is full of changes and he is becoming a man. That is hard for this mom to imagine. I got to talk to him earlier and I think he is doing okay. He was all "no big deal, didn't even seem like my birthday, I'm cool" and I was all like, "I'm sad and I miss my boy." Pathetic I know.
So happy birthday Brady. In honor of your special day, I just pulled Emma's second top tooth. It was ugly. Not unlike the recent ear piercing but that is a story for a different day.
I love you son. You make me a proud mom and I just don't know where 19 years went. Way too fast.
Sorry for the horrible picture of me, but Brady looks cute and it was one of my first pictures that I took with my IPhone at Christmas. Who is that old woman?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Let's Party

Emma's birthday is tomorrow so we had her birthday party this weekend and let's just say, I think it was a hit. We had 7 girls at the house and luckily it was nice enough outside that we rented a bounce house and they had a blast.  

                       Poor Ashton, you can just see that he is dying to get in on the action.    

I am pretty sure that we broke all of the safety rules associated with a bounce house. These girls are not scared to try anything!

I absolutely love the expression on Riley's face. That pretty much sums up the whole party. I heard her say "This is the BEST day of my life". Cracked me up.

                                                      These girls are just the best of buds.

                                                Time for some cake and ice cream.

Aunt Pam was just out of town for business and made a trip to Epcot. Emma scored big and got a new shirt and jacket. Big hit.

Yes, Emma got lots of  "girl" toys, but her favorite thing by far was her chainsaw. She had already eyed this at a recent visit to the toy store and was thrilled when she opened it.

We moved the party back outside for a while to enjoy some silly string. Again, let me say, these girls can be vicious with a can of silly string.

Sunday morning Emma enjoyed playing with her Barbies. I love it when I actually find her doing something "girly".

Big cheesy grin. She has another very loose front top tooth and she was trying to show it to me. She lost her first top tooth a few days before Dale died. One of her favorite people, Mrs. Tracey, pulled it for her while in the morning car rider line. It practically fell in to her hand. That was a huge morning for Emma. She walked in to her class and was a rock star because she had lost a tooth. Apparently that is all the rage with the Kindergartners.

 I could just eat this little face up. She is precious - most of the time. She wants to get her ears pierced for her birthday. It was totally her idea. I have explained it to her and she still wants to do it. She calls earrings "hear hears" and she wants some "pretty ones". So we will see how that goes. We are planning on doing it tomorrow evening to celebrate her actual birthday.