Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Senior Night and Soccer Tournaments

Friday night was Brady's last football game and the last time he will play on the Sycamore field. He was a little less nostalgic than I was but he is a guy.

Very poor quailty photo due to the lights, etc. but Bo and I had the honor of walking out with our Senior. This kid has his issues (mainly school work...or the lack of), but I have to say, he makes this mom and dad very proud.

Isn't he handsome?

His "friend" was at the game too. They make a rather cute couple.

Emma is not happy unless she is "helping". She loves to do the dishes and even though I have to actually do the dishes when she gets finished, it's fun to see her so excited about helping.

Making a cake with momma. John Deere hats are a must when baking a cake.

The second season of the Purple Crush has come to an end. Everyone say Amen.

Our first game was at 8:30 on Saturday morning and it was cold and foggy. They lost the first game and played again at 10. They won that one (against Rory) and then had to play at 1:00. By that time I was wasted. I had worked the night before and was unable to function so Bo took over for the last game. They lost and the rest is history.

Emma sporting her trophy.

She just looks so cute in this picture.

This is pretty much the scene in every game. He just puts her where he wants her. Coach Ray is a great guy and we are so happy to have him as our coach.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Homecoming Parade

Candy is a hot comodity at these parades and Emma did very well in that area. Check out the last picture and pray that she forgives me someday.

This totally "cracks" me up.....

Trying to Catch Up....

When you live in a small town, football homecoming is a big deal. I even remember those days and I have celebrated a birthday since my last post.....

Ashton escorted his girlfriend April who was the Art Club sweetheart. Bo had the joy of driving the BMW....I on the other hand NEVER even got to sit in it. I have to say, I think my son looks so handsome. Granted, the pictures are not that great.
Lots of candy for Emma.

Brady attends another High School and he was in the parade the day before. His LAST homecoming parade since he is a Senior. I'd rather not think about it.

And yes, he is my son, but I just happen to think he is so handsome and what a sweet smile he had for his sister who kept calling "Brodder"..

Ashton enjoyed dressing up for Hillbilly day in his overalls and John Deere hat. Emma couldn't understand why she didn't have any overalls. I guess that means a trip to TSC.

Ashton and his Nanny. She has a hard time thinking that he is taller than her.

I promise to post more soon. Life has just gotten in the way of blogging:)