Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Summer Break..RIGHT!

Emma has clearly not gotten the memo that school is out and she could sleep late if she wanted to. The problem being she isn't interested and clearly DOESN'T want to. She is up by 6 without fail every morning. The boys on the other hand might be going to sleep around that time. Ashton is loving that he can stay up all night and sleep all day. That is going to be short lived however because ball camps start next week and he will be busy until school starts back. I have learned that basketball is one of those sports that never stops.

I began attempting to get back in shape around January. I have been walking and running regularly and when school is in session that is so much easier. I decided last week that if I am going to continue running I am going to have to do it before Bo leaves every morning for work. That began today and I was out of the house and running by 5:20 A.M. and I have to admit that as much as I would have loved to lay in bed it was great to get out and get started. I am a morning person in general and being outside as the sun was coming up and the sky was brightening was wonderful. Oh, and thank God for an IPod and a really good play list.

I have to say for the first time in my 44 years I am enjoying exercising. I have been very hit or miss in the past but I am really enjoying it this time - except for crunches - I will NEVER enjoy them. My goal when I started was to lose some weight and I have lost approx 10-12 pounds. My other goal was to hopefully get my cholesterol down. That remains to be seen. I took myself off my medicine and am trying some other natural things. I hate the thought of being on medicine for the rest of my life but considering that my genetic makeup really stinks, I suspect I could run 10 miles everyday and still have to be on  medicine. I just know that I feel better and that is what matters.

Emma scored her first soccer goal yesterday during a scrimmage. I was so excited and everyone was clapping and yelling for her when someone pointed out that she scored it for the other team. I didn't care. The look on her face was filled with such pride that I could have cried! She was so happy and that was all that mattered to me. She has really started running and getting in to the game and her coach told me yesterday that she got mad at him Saturday when he took her out of the game for a break. Oh this girl has come so far.

I don't think that I have mentioned that Brady has his first real job. He has been working for about 6 weeks at a Catholic assisted living/retirement center as a waiter. He loves it. He is enjoying the people so much and despite the fact that his job is 25 miles from home and he is only making minimum wage and I am paying for his gas, he is learning a lot of life lessons and I am proud of him. I was especially proud of him yesterday when he spent the morning with his grandfather who has Alzheimer's while I had to take my mother to the hospital. She wasn't feeling well and it's gets more complicated when you have someone at home who can't be left alone. Brady stepped up and I was so proud of him.

Our house is always a revolving door where teenage boys come and go like mad. It gets worse when school is out. Ashton is my social butterfly and has had a steady stream of people here since getting out of school last week. For those of you who don't have teenage boys at your house all the time...think grocery bill. It never ends! Thank God for Ramen noodles.

Emma's favorite thing to do right now is tie a cookie sheet on to her tricycle or tractor and put her dog or baby stroller on it and drive it around the house. Yes, she ties the string on herself. It's hilarious to watch her come up with so many new things. Her favorite character right now is Popeye. She loves him and likes to pretend she is him. She squints one of her eyes and smokes a pipe and tries to dress like a sailor. I will draw the line on a tattoo but I think it might be coming. She has such an imagination.

So before I blink summer will be over and school will start up. Brady will be off to college and life will go on. It's hard to believe that I have a son who will be moving out in a few months and a girl that will be going to school full time. So when I look around this crazy house with all her toys and projects and complain about the mess and how much I need to get done I just need to remind myself how quickly time goes by and that the mess will be here when she isn't. At least that's what I am going to tell myself!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Baby Boy is 16..YIKES

Among all of the activities over the last week.....there was also a milestone birthday for Ashton. He is officially 16 and I am officially....well...old. We celebrated his birthday on Sunday, along with Mother's Day. He wanted an ice cream cake from DQ.  The funny thing was when we went to pick it up  the girl that waited on us was just a little smitten with my boy. She kept saying "You look like you are 20" and of course that only fueled the flames. Ashton kept telling me "I told you mom, all I need is a fake ID." Oh my!

Emma was only too happy to help with the candles and Ashton really didn't want her spit on the cake. Imagine that.

So my baby boy is 16 and will be getting his license soon. Sends chills up my spine just thinking about it. He and Brady are so different. Ashton is more disciplined in some and sports... He does give me a few headaches with a bit of an attitude at times. He is quiet and sullen on occasion. He is also the most like comments. He adores his sister. He thrives on picking on her and yet every morning when I drop him off at school she yells "Good day Ashtie." He always gives her a little smile. He has a sweet side to him that sometimes you just have to dig a little deeper to find. He is my pride and joy and I am thankful God has blessed this mom with a chip off the old block.

Preschool Ceremonies

We also celebrated Preschool Graduation this week. Emma received her Diploma (without nearly as much worry as Brady).She also received the Most Helpful Award...2 years running. She was also recognized for being able to write her name. Funny, that is usually the first thing someone asks about her when they meet her...can she write? Well, yes she can. And draw, color, paint, use scissors, wash dishes, brush her teeth, pick up any small object within her reach, the list goes on and on. So if you are considering adopting and you are looking at a special needs kiddo with limb issues....Do Not Be Afraid! This girl can do it all.

Ms. Renee has been our teacher for 2 years now and she is the greatest. She sees all the potential Emma has and she pushes her to reach her goals. We love her!

Mrs. Amy has been the greatest. Our only issue with her is that she wants to eat Emma's food. Emma just won't stand for it. I think she finally allowed her to have a few chips...only on a good day! We love our Mrs. Amy.

Mrs. Pam is also a Keeper! She has been so good with Emma and when we say our prayers at night she is always at the top of the list.

The three amigos. If there are three cuter kiddos in all of the world I don't know where they could be.  

Friday, May 18, 2012


In an answer to many prayers and a sure sign that miracles still happen, Brady graduated this morning at 10 a.m. Mine was the yell heard round the world! He pulled it out and for that I am very thankful and proud.

The band performed one last time.

Oh yes, that is our boy walking away with a diploma folder in hand. The actual diploma comes later next week.

 Cory and Brady have been best friends for a few years now. They came into each other's lives just when they both needed a good friend and for that I am thankful. I love that kiddo.

And God willing, 2 years from now this other handsome boy of ours will be graduating.

 A very proud Nanny. I suspect if it were not for her and Giggee praying nonstop over the last few weeks this boy might not have gotten to enjoy today.

 The smile that is pasted on my face may not leave for a few days. I'm telling you, it has been touch and go around here on the graduation front!

 These two guys have been in school together since Kindergarten in Miss Julies class. It's hard to believe they are all grown up now.

 Brady's first choice for celebration lunch was Steak and Shake. SERIOUSLY! Thank goodness he changed his mind he decided on Old Chicago instead. We had a great lunch with Giggee and Pop. Unfortunately we forgot to get any pictures with them.

       Emma loved the graduation cap. She also found a cool stick to keep her entertained.

                                                             Too much of a good thing!

So I seriously managed to avoid shedding any tears. I may have gotten a little misty eyed once and I did have a few flashbacks to the early years and how quickly they have gone by. I would just like to say, despite all the hardships that have gone along with attempting to get this boy out of school, he has never given us any real trouble and makes me proud everyday. I consider it an honor and a privilege to be his mom and can't wait to see where this life takes him. We love you buddy.

Monday, May 7, 2012

That's A Wrap..

Brady had his final concert band performance last week and they sounded so good. It's amazing how far the band has come since their Freshman year. He was recognized for being part of a music honor society and therefore the pink tassels.

I would ask that you keep your fingers crossed and your prayers coming so this boy can graduate in a couple of weeks. He is in serious need of some good grades over the next few days. I am having a very hard time parenting an 18 year old who just happens to think that he knows EVERYTHING and is ready to go out and face the world. Let me assure you, I am ready for him to as well. He is my sweet baby boy and I adore him but as my good friend Frances says (who raised 4 boys), if you aren't ready for them to leave home by the time they are 18 something is wrong with you. I know that not everyone feels that way, but I am there. He is one of the sweetest boys in the world, but he needs to learn some independence and figure out some things for himself. It's just a fact of life. If you have not had the opportunity to raise teenagers yet, then hold on.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Playing Beauty Shop

Emma has decided that she loves to cut hair and Ashton was her victim, I mean customer this week. She uses her Play Doh scissors and does an excellent job giving everyone a trim.

 For those of you who know us or have followed our blog for any time you know that shoes are always a major pain. Especially girly shoes. Emma wants to wear sandals or flip flops but when you have only one toe it makes it just a bit more challenging. I found her these Gladiator sandals at Old Navy recently and she was so excited. They aren't a great choice, but they will work for short periods. She wanted to wear them to Brady's final band concert Thursday night and immediately told me she wanted me to take her picture. Those little feet are amazing. To watch how she runs, jumps, climbs, and PERFORMS never ceases to amaze this very proud mom.

                                      Look at that face. Is she not an absolute total ham!