Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Surviving The Holidays...

Where to begin?

I love Christmas, but I'm always glad when it's over. I am still trying to get my house in order and put things away. Our house has basically become a smaller version of ToysRus and I can't seem to find a place for it all.

Emma is finally feeling better and for that I am very thankful. However, trying to give her medicine is like trying to wrestle a pig. She is not a fan and can wiggle and fight with the best of them. When she would see me getting her medicine out of the refrigerator she immediately wanted to kiss me as if she were pleading with me not to torture her. Con artist.

Thank goodness she is better because I ended up with a stomach bug over the last few days and it was not my friend. I felt horrible and am hoping that no one else gets it. GRAPHIC DETAILS.. while I was praying to the porcelain God Sunday night, Emma was standing over me making her little face and waving her hand in front of her nose letting me know that something doesn't smell so good. I finally got Bo's attention who rushed to save Emma from watching mom continue to hurl. It was not a pretty sight and thank God it's over.

Now, on to more pleasant things.

I see great things in this girl's future. Can you say Taylor Swift?

The hat and guitar were a major hit. Santa knew what he/she was doing when he/she spotted it on the JCPenny web site.

My first real ride! Yes, it's not a Barbie Jeep, but Santa was out of those the day after Thanksgiving when he was running that big Black Friday sale and all of the other little girls got that one. He decided that a Hot Wheels Jeep was just as good and wouldn't show as much dirt. Let's just say, the Jeep is a hit! She is walking around the house begging us to let her drive. She loves it! She rammed it into all of the walls Christmas morning and it finally made it's way outside.

Cowboy hat, check.

So do I have 2 of most handsome sons or what?

Did I mention that they are just plain goofy?

A tricycle too? This is just too much.

Christmas Eve at my mom's house. These are my 2 goofy nephews and my sister-in-law.

Did I mention that this one was just released from the home that night? WARNING, if you see this face and he says he can fix your car, DO NOT trust him!

After his medication, he becomes much cuter. Look, he even found a girl.

This girl of mine doesn't stand a chance with all of these boys. Neither does any of her future boyfriends.

Nothing says Christmas like a KISS t-shirt.

My daddy would be so proud of his grandchildren. He loved Christmas and I always miss him the most around the holidays.
Wearing Bob's hat.

It's hard to tell it, but she has these guys wrapped her little fingers.

No, it wasn't raining inside my mom's house, but Emma was very happy to get an umbrella.


Opening presents with Aunt Susie. Emma looked adorable in her Christmas outfit, but then she got clothes from Aunt Susie and Uncle Jimmy and decided that she needed to change right away. So instead of a cute red dress, we wore a yellow shirt and jeans that were way too big. It made her very happy.
Lighting the candles with my brothers and cousins.

Can you believe that a grandmother would let a girl with 2 fingers play with fire?

Listen Baby Jesus, I know you're in there.

Just looking too darn cute!
Marilyn Monroe has nothing on this girl.

Cold! Emma's new favorite word is cold and she wraps her arms around herself and shivers. It's the cutest thing.

Helping mom make chex mix.

My future basketball star. The fact that she was able to tolerate this shirt that had not been washed for approximately a week after Ashton had left it in his gym bag is amazing. The smell was BAD.

We had a great Christmas. I loved seeing our family and spending some time together. Believe it or not, I still have more pictures that have not made it to the computer yet. Remember, stomach bug! I feel so hip, my husband surprised me with an IPOD touch and I am loving it. I was already happy with my Shark Steam Mop, but he went overboard.
I hope that everyone had a blessed Christmas and pray that everyone enjoys a Happy New Year.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Sick Girl

Well, my little girl has an ear infection and a horrible runny nose and cough. We went to see the doctor today and have started some antibiotics, so hopefully she will be on the mend before Christmas. I still have some shopping left to do and this doesn't play into the picture very well.

She has been so pitiful this afternoon and has basically slept with me holding her. After her fever began to come down she began to become more active, but I suspect it may be a LONG night.

Friday, December 18, 2009

A Quick Recap

For all of my faithful followers, sorry that I have not blogged all week. I'm doing the best I can:)

We had our traditional Italian Christmas last Saturday and enjoyed being with the family so much. No, none of us are Italian but that doesn't stop us from enjoying the food. Emma was the center of the show and she knew it:)

The rest of the week has been spent Christmas shopping, wrapping, cleaning (not enough), laundry, ballgames, band concerts, etc

Sorry for the quality of some of the pictures. I have not taken the time to edit them.

Our family.
Emma helping me wrap. By the time I found her unrolling the paper, she was gone! She knew!

Brady had his Christmas concert this week and may I say they sounded wonderful. May I also say, Brady was the only one in jeans and t-shirt. I say no more.

Emma wore her adorable cheer leading outfit to one of the ballgames this week and it was a HUGE hit. This was a gift from Giggee and Pop and she looks tooooooo cute in it. She knew it.

We do not serve alcohol at the family gatherings. He did this on his on free will.

Playing guitar with cousin Mike.

Playing in the floor with cousin Mike. Rumor has it that cousin Mike ended up in the ER the next day.....

What a sweet picture. Jim (cousin) brought Emma a Santa ring that she has enjoyed this week.
Emma got the cutest dress from Aunt Sissy and I think that Aunt Sissy enjoyed shopping for a girl. After 2 sons and 4 grandsons, I can understand why.

Loving on Ben and Ashley.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ever Have Days Like This?

Seeing Emma's doll (Diana is her name......guess why) laying in the truck like this just made me think of days that I feel just like she looks.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Hard Weekend

We had a good weekend, but it was filled with tears as well. My first cousin is leaving for his second tour of Iraq. He will be leaving in a couple of months, but they left for training this weekend. He will only be home for a few days over Christmas and we probably will not get a chance to see him. There was a departure ceremony Sunday morning at the court house and let me say, it was cold! These guys and gals stood at attention for a long time while different people spoke and then they loaded up on 3 buses and headed out. I love my cousin and hate to see him leave, but I can only imagine what it's like for other family members. It was hard to watch those dads saying goodbye to their kids and wives. Regardless of your feelings regarding the war or the government, you have to appreciate our soldiers and their families.

The 278 th flag.
Saying goodbye to Aunt Marian (my mom).

Standing at attention. He's so dapper.

We had a Christmas celebration with my mother's family over the weekend and had an opportunity to tell our favorite soldier goodbye. This is Todd and my step father.

Todd with the aunts and his mother.

Brady and Kayla. Cute couple.

Ashton is almost as tall as my 21 year old nephew Ben. Watch out big boy! All those times you have picked on the little guy!

I love this picture of Emma touching Todd's face. I think it's the sweetest thing ever.

Emma and Uncle Floyd and Aunt Francis.

Emma and her Uncle Harvey.