Friday, March 21, 2014

Basketball Awards

Emma was impressed with her trophy that she received for basketball awards. She hopped up when they called her name and marched up like she owned the place. I am so proud of her and I have to say, she is a great little ball player. She dribbles constantly in the house and Ashton has taught her some plays. She is constantly yelling "PBJ" when she is playing. I dont' exactly no what that play is and I don't think she does either but she looks adorable doing it.

Last Friday was transportation day at school. Last year Emma was a hot air balloon and poor Bo worked tirelessly on it. This year, he happened upon a really good deal at Toys R US and she was a horse and carriage for $2.50. Maybe not as creative but less time consuming and let's face, we are old parents and our goal is survival.

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