Thursday, March 20, 2014

Go Big Orange!!

Well, I think the look on my boy's face says it all. He will be heading to orange country in the fall! GO VOLS!!

Basketball season has come and gone and it was a hit with this girl. They didn't have a particularly stellar season, but she had a blast and is already talking about playing next year. So now it's on to soccer, our first game is Saturday.

This is spring break week for us and I guess you could say we are having a "staycation". I know, it would be nice to be at the beach or Disney or anywhere at all, but it's also nice to be at home. Today Emma has 2 friends over and is enjoying the pretty day playing outside. The best thing, that doesn't cost a thing! Considering that in August we will have 2 children in college, then cheap is a really good thing!!!

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Melissa said...

Hurray for Ashton!