Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Catching Up - AGAIN

Emma's soccer season is finally over and now basketball is upon us. The games haven't started yet but she can hardly wait. We ended soccer on a very cold November 1 and our team decked out as zombies. They all looked cute and didn't seem to be bothered too much by the horribly cold day.

The adorable little flower in the Halloween pictures is my great niece Aubrey and she just might have the bluest eyes that have ever been. Simply a little cutie pie if there ever was one.

Emma is doing pretty well in first grade. She struggles with reading and I believe if she ever gets more confidence in herself that will improve. She just doesn't hear a lot of the sounds and has a difficult time with ending sounds. However, her new favorite excuse is that "I'm from China and I can't help it." Not sure where that came from. However I remind her that her Chinese ethnicity has nothing to do with her reading and spelling abilities and she needs to let that excuse go. As you may recall in a previous post, she believes that spelling words are a waste of her time. She is a little hot mess!!

Brady is doing well and about to start another job tomorrow. He should be back in school in January and I think he may have seen enough of the light to realize that he needs to take it seriously this time around. Despite the fact that he is a total goofball, I believe he might just be growing up a little. He has shared a lot with me lately and it's ironic just how much a mom might know after all.

Ashton is working part time and has plans to start school in January as well. This has been a very trying year from him and certainly for us so I am very hopeful that he is making some positive choices. I have learned a lot over the last year and the one thing I know for sure is that I can't make my kids choices for them. It's so hard to see them struggle and knowing that if they would just do things differently it would be better for everyone. I believe that you learn a lot more from your mistakes than you do from your successes, so I have just tried to back off and let them find out some things on their own. I also know that having the Serenity Prayer posted above my computer and various other places reminds me that I can't change other people. It's not my job.

Well, I have become one of "those" women. The ones that sweat so much a night that they feel like they might catch on fire at any moment. I had been having some health issues and had a hysterectomy and my gallbladder removed on November 6. I had some complications afterwards and had to spend a few nights in the hospital after I came home. Long story short, I'm really hoping that I'm on the mend. It's hard to be the patient when you are so used to being the nurse. But I have had the most amazing care provided by a 7 year old little munchin who has been the most doting caretaker you could ask for. Knock on wood, the night sweats have improved the last couple of nights, but I can totally connect with people now who suffer from those periods that I like to refer to as HELL.

So I'm trying really hard to take it easy and get my strength built up. I think the stress of this past year coupled with my health issues has taken a toll on my body. I don't really "rest" well. It's hard for me not to be doing something but I'm trying really hard to be a good patient and actually put some focus on taking care of me.

Perhaps while I'm off  I'll do better about blogging but we all know that's highly unlikely.

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